Peter Publishing Releases dpaIC Image Compression Utility

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Peter Publishing Releases dpaIC Image Compression Utility

The dpaIC image compression utility program is now available for website publishers and website developers to be able to quickly and easily compress image file sizes and to reduce overloaded server issues

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia / ACCESSWIRE / April 23rd, 2014 / The dpaIC image compression utility program is a php program created by computer engineer, Dr. Peter Achutha, of Peter Publishing. This new program runs from websites that have php 5.3 or higher running on their server. It is designed to substantially compress .jpg, .jpeg and .png files.

The reason that the dpaIC image compression utility program is such an important utility for website developers and publishers is that image size reductions can substantially improve the server bandwidth usage. Also, reduced image file sizes make it possible for web pages to load faster into visitor’s browsers. When pages load faster, website visitors have a more satisfactory experience and are more apt to take actions called for by the webpage publisher. Furthermore, search engines favor highly operational websites and there is the possibility for improved organic search ratings.

An additional feature of the dpaIC image compression utility program is the option to resize all website pictures to a particular width or height to make the website have a more professional appearance. This easy to use program has the capability of converting images from .png, .gif and .jpg to other formats such as .png, .jpg or .gif depending on preferences.

Furthermore, dpaIC image compression utility can be used to incorporate text and image watermarks. This discourages image piracy which is a common issue for many website publishers. With all the capabilities of dpaIC image compression utility, it is expected to become a highly desired software for website developers who value the highest quality web presence.

To celebrate the release of the dpaIC image compression utility program, a free 30 Day Trial Version is being offered along with the opportunity to purchase the complete program at the dpaIC image compression and watermark download page.

About Peter Publishing:
Dr. Peter Achutha, of Peter Publishing, designed dpaIC, the Image Compression utility to potentially reduce the photo image file size to between 10% and 50% range of the original picture file size. This was to keep servers from being overloaded when under attack by hackers or when sites have very high visitor traffic.

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Contact Info
Name: Peter Achutha
Organization: Peter Publishing
Phone: +60162630358
Address: B-5-8 Plaza Mont Kiara, Mont Kiara 50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia