Garcinia Cambogia Extract - Weight Loss Claims are Confirmed by the American Dieting Journal

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Garcinia Cambogia Extract - Weight Loss Claims are Confirmed by the American Dieting Journal

April 22, 2014 / Garcinia Cambogia Extract has recently been in the spotlight for its unique weight loss abilities.

The pumpkin like fruit from which Garcinia Cambogia is derived (Malabar Tamarind), has long been used to enhance the culinary experience of certain South-East Asian dishes, and is now being recognized as one of the most effective and safest weight loss ingredients available today. The recent popularity of the Garcinia Cambogia Extract supplement, has prompted the American Dieting Journal to analyze multiple double-blind studies, into the overall safety and effectiveness of this product.

Initial claims by the media determined that subjects who used a particular grade of the Garcinia Cambogia supplement, lost up to 3x the amount of weight then subjects who were given a placebo. After the prior claims were made, multiple studies and research by various institutions were conducted on the supplement. "It very quickly became apparent that Garcinia Cambogia is effective for weight loss, providing the grade of the product meets the standard," stated Bret Robbins of the American Dieting Journal, referring to how many low grade product are being sold as the real thing.

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When the American Dieting Journal compiled all the data from 10 of the top studies regarding Garcinia Cambogia and weight loss, many common trends became apparent. "We found subjects who used high grade Garcinia Cambogia supplements consistently lost much more weight then the placebo groups; furthermore, we noticed products that were low in quality did nothing for weight loss." All the studies analyzed concluded that the active ingredient found to fight fat in Garcinia Cambogia is Hydroxycitric - Acid (HCA), and providing the Garcinia Cambogia ingested is of "high grade" and contains a minimum of 60% HCA, weight loss was "highly likely to occur."

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How does Garcinia Cambogia Work

Unlike other, more traditional weight-loss supplements such as Ephedrine, Synephrine, and Caffeine, Garcinia Cambogia is NOT a stimulant. It does not work by turning up the bodies metabolism, and as such does not carry the dangers of stimulants such as: Elevated hear-rate, high blood pressure, uncontrolled sweating, poor and irritable moods, anxiety, constipation, as well as increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Garcinia Cambogia Extract is therefore considered safe for dieters, according to the American Dieting Journal.

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The effects of Garcinia Cambogia Extract are bi-phasic, this means it works via two separate pathways.

- First, it appears to have an immediate effect on serotonin levels in the brain, the “feel good” chemical. By increasing levels of serotonin, mood is increased and appetite is suppressed; effectively eliminating emotional eating habits.

- Second, a chemical in the extract called Hydroxy-citric Acid (HCA) interrupts the bodies ability to synthesize fatty acids, effectively blocking fat from being stored and leaving it readily available as an immediate source of energy. This not only leads to significant fat loss, but greatly increases energy levels and highly enhances feelings of well being.

- Recent research suggests that Garcinia Cambogia Extract may act by a third pathway, directly attacking abdominal fat. Instead of storing fat, it releases the fat to be used immediately by the body as a source of energy. Although tests are still being done to confirm this third pathway, the implications are incredible. One 2014 Journal of American Supplements study revealed significant weight loss among users without changing diet or exercise.

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