ILLUMINEX Lighting Announces Completion of LED Lighting Retrofit for the Town of Breckenridge

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ILLUMINEX Lighting Announces Completion of LED Lighting Retrofit for the Town of Breckenridge

DENVER, CO/ ACCESSWIRE / April 21, 2014 / The Town of Breckenridge, Colorado is a quaint village mountain resort, drawing thousands of skiers and tourists each year. Its streets lined with Victorian period post top fixtures with their distinctive  yellow glow are part of what helps give the town its charm. So, when the decision to change all the lighting to more energy efficient and eco-friendly LED lighting, the town chose ILLUMINEX Lighting to do the job, tasked with the challenge of maintaining the magic of the old fixtures. Now, 1,112 retrofitted fixtures later, the Town of Breckenridge has the energy saving lighting they wanted, without losing the yellow radiance, thanks to the efforts and expertise of ILLUMINEX Lighting.

The town was using 70-watt High Pressure Sodium lighting. Although this lighting gives off a romantic yellow glow, it uses large amounts of energy, making it costly and environmentally unfriendly. Simply exchanging existing bulbs with LED would mean sacrificing the familiar yellow tint with the blue cast of the new bulbs. But, that warm yellow radiance plays as much a part of setting the character of the town as the buildings and ski slopes, so keeping it intact was a priority for the town and ILLUMINEX.

To meet this challenge, ILLUMINEX worked closely with one of its major manufacturers to produce a custom product, using LED technology with special coloration, specifically for the Town of Breckenridge. But, ILLUMINEX didn’t stop there. Their Lighting Project Team coordinated and secured rebate incentives of more than $27,000 through Xcel Energy to offset the cost of the project.

On completion, the Town of Breckenridge will now see an energy savings of approximately $28,198 a year, with an estimated annual maintenance cost savings of $47633.

The Breckenridge project is just one of many examples of how ILLUMINEX Lighting, leads the way in helping municipal, commercial, manufacturing, and educational facilities gain the benefits of LED lighting. They provide the highest quality OEM products, warranties and cutting-edge technology to provide their customers with the best eco-conscious alternatives for the most energy and maintenance savings.

About ILLUMINEX Lighting

Since President Obama made energy efficient lighting a priority in the United States, the task of changing existing lighting to LED lighting, as recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy, has fallen on the shoulders of businesses both large and small. ILLUMINEX Lighting is an experienced and knowledgeable Commercial LED and Induction lighting company. They are a top manufacturer and importer of OEM lighting, putting them in a solid position to know the complexities involved in this area of specialized lighting.


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