Verdmont Capital S.A. Plans New Beijing Office Opening in 2014

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Verdmont Capital S.A. Plans New Beijing Office Opening in 2014

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA / ACCESSWIRE / April 21, 2014 / Verdmont Capital S.A. is pleased to announce that it will open a Representative  Office (Rep Office) in Beijing, China. The new Beijing office will offer an opportunity to extend Verdmont Capital S.A.'s services to both the local Chinese market and the Asia Pacific region as a whole.

Through the new Rep Office, Verdmont Capital S.A. will begin conducting research and providing data and informational materials to potential clients in the local market. Moreover, the new office will liaise with local and foreign contacts in China and the Asia Pacific region on behalf of the parent enterprise, and ultimately act as a coordinator for Verdmont Capital S.A.'s activities in China.

Verdmont Capital S.A. has secured office space in a prestigious district in the Chinese capital, and it's expected that the office could open as early as the summer of 2014. Verdmont Capital S.A.  is currently speaking to experienced executives and individuals with respect to staffing the office. Current Verdmont Capital S.A. executives will share their time between the office in Panama and the new office in Beijing in the early stages of this process.

China and the Asia Pacific region have a significant appetite for mining and the natural resource sectors. Verdmont Capital S.A.'s experience in these sectors, coupled with the fact that Verdmont Capital S.A. maintains an in-house research team exclusively dedicated to mining and natural resources suggests Verdmont Capital S.A.  will find a great deal of symmetry with investors and other industry players in the region. Verdmont Capital S.A.’s research coverage is extensive, and includes precious metals, energy, base metals and those companies involved in the exploration and development, extraction, production and servicing of these industries.

In March, 2014 Verdmont Capital S.A. attended the Mines and Money Hong Kong 2014 Conference - Asia-Pacific’s premier event for mining investment and capital raising. This was an effort to showcase Verdmont Capital S.A.’s products and services to regional investors and industry players. The interest and enthusiasm sparked at the conference was significant, and was therefore a contributing factor in Verdmont Capital S.A.’s decision to open an office in Beijing.

"We are very excited at the prospect of having a Rep Office in China," says Scott Gardner, Chief Financial Analyst for Verdmont Captial S.A.. ¨"Verdmont Capital S.A.'s familiarity with the Asia Pacific investment climate will help direct the focus of this new initiative, and will likely generate great opportunities for many of its clients. Moreover, Verdmont Capital S.A.  has confidence that because of its dedication to the mining and resource sectors its research products and trading platforms will be very attractive to the Asian investment community."

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