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Cash Now - Cash Now Plus - Cash Now USA - Miro-Zecevic-Andrea-Zecevic

Cash Now – Cash Now Plus – Cash Now USA - Miro-Zecevic-Andrea-Zecevic

April 15, 2014 / TORONTO, Canada Cash Now ( Miro-Zecevic-Andrea-Zecevic a Canadian based online payday loan company that was pioneered in 1999 has been sold. Miro-Zecevic - Andrea Zecevic - ex CEO Cash Now Company ranked # 10 out of top 100 Canadian Fastest Growing Companies by Profit magazine. Cash Now was a leader in the online payday loan concept. Today some 7 – 8 years after the end of the franchise contract the company has several dozen existing licenses still operating successful businesses.

The service of payday loans consists of small loans that one can use when temporarily out of money. Payday loans are mostly short term loans (two weeks or so) for a modest amount of money. The borrower would write a cheque for the amount being borrowed plus a fee. The cheque is left with the lender and cashed once the borrower is ready to repay the loan. Miro-Zecevic and Andrea-Zecevic developed an “e system” system that revolutionized the money lending business industry by facilitating an online process (A process that was followed by many companies thereafter). Today that system is known as Mobile banking or Check21 utilized by many banks.

Cash Now was named one of the fastest growing companies, by Entrepreneur magazine back in 2002-2003. Miro-Zecevic and Andrea Zecevic are however proud to have been a part of such a dynamic business full of potential and growth opportunities. Till this day there are still many utilizing the name Cash Now and running their payday loan business Miro-Zecevic-Andrea-Zecevic said "The payday loan business is not for everyone as it requires great discipline and scrutiny”.

At Cash Now Miro Zecevic and Andrea Zecevic were well aware that it takes discipline on both sides of the fence meaning for the borrower and the lender. Knowing our limitations is what makes the difference between those that manage great payday loans and those that simply let greed get in the way. The same goes for the borrowers there is a difference in those that are able to use the payday loans wisely without getting into the vicious cycle of over borrowing and those that have no limitation.

The key here concluded Miro Zecevic and Andrea Zecevic is that everything needs to have moderation, discipline, and limitation, this is what makes a successful payday loan operator, and borrower”.

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