Brooklyn Pediatrician Comments on Report Stating Longer TV Hours Means Less Sleep for Kids



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Brooklyn Pediatrician Comments on Report Stating Longer TV Hours Means Less Sleep for Kids

Responding to an article posted on Medical News Today, Dr. Demetrios Gabriel formerly of Gabriel Pediatrics says that sleep deprivation for children can be detrimental to their physical and mental health as their bodies and mind are developing fast

Brooklyn, NY / / ACCESSWIRE / April 19, 2014 / Dr. Demetrios Gabriel formerly of Gabriel Pediatrics, reacts to an article posted on Medical News Today which reports that children who are spending more time in front of the television before bed, are experiencing less sleep according to researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital for Children and Harvard School of Public Health.

The article states that researchers followed 1,800 children between 6 months old and 7 years old, and their mothers who were enrolled in a program called Project Visa, which examines children's health. The mothers answered several questions about their child's television and sleeping habits. Some questions asked included: How much time was spent watching television, how much time a child spent time in a room where the television was on as infants, whether or not their child had a television in their bedroom, and how much their child slept on average per night.

Additionally the article writes, "Every extra hour of TV viewing time was associated with 7 fewer minutes of daily sleep time, and the link was stronger for boys than for girls." The study also found that "ethnic and racial minority youngsters were also more likely to sleep in a room with a TV." This increases the chance that children will be watching the television which could mean a deprived sleep and a disrupted sleeping pattern.

Medical News Today has published other articles claiming that bedroom televisions may lead to childhood obesity as well.

Dr. Demetrios Gabriel believes that this study proves what has long been assumed; increased television viewing can affect the health of children. Gabriel says that "While 7 minutes less sleep seems negligible, the time can certainly add up and negatively impact the health of a young child." Gabriel explains, "Children should take full advantage of sleep at a young age and anything that may affect this, should be reduced to a minimal amount." Dr. Gabriel feels that parents should limit TV time and monitor their child's sleep patterns closely to help prevent sleep deprivation.

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