Dr. Michael Gabriel of Gabriel Pediatrics Gives Perspective on High Cholesterol in Children



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Dr. Michael Gabriel of Gabriel Pediatrics Gives Perspective on High Cholesterol in Children

In response to an article posted by Medical News Today, Dr. Michael Gabriel of GPM Pediatrics, a Brooklyn Pediatric Center, says that high cholesterol in children is worrisome and should not be overlooked

BROOKLYN, NY / www.myprgenie.com / ACCESSWIRE / April 18, 2014 / Dr. Michael Gabriel of GPM Pediatrics responds to an article posted by Medical News Today, which reports that 1 in 3 US children, ages 7 to 9, have borderline or high cholesterol.

According to the article published by Medical News Today, research at a recent annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology (ACC) found that one-third of children from age 7 to 9 have a problem with cholesterol. The article says, "Researchers examined the medical records of more than 12,000 children receiving cholesterol screenings at Texas Children's Pediatrics Associates clinic." The findings of the study discovered that the children affected by high cholesterol could develop heart disease or other cardiovascular problems heading into adulthood.

In addition, the article mentions that boys are more likely to be affected by high cholesterol in childhood than girls. This also raised more concern about childhood obesity, as obese children are more susceptible to high cholesterol than non-obese children. The article states that researchers and investigators hope these findings will prompt pediatricians across the country to not overlook cholesterol screenings in children ages 9-11 and young adults aged 17-21.

Dr. Michael Gabriel says that parents must monitor their children's diets and be careful as to what types of foods their kids are consuming. "People are always used to hearing about high cholesterol in their later years, and now we as a society have to be more cautious, even kids." Gabriel explains. "If you suspect your child has high cholesterol, you should have him or her screened to ensure the problem doesn't become chronic. As a pediatrics office, we believe all pediatricians should provide more comprehensive cholesterol screenings for children, and parents should take their children for an annual check-up on cholesterol. Cholesterol can lead to serious problems such as heart disease. It's imperative that parents catch this problem early."

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