Boresha International, Inc. forms Business Relationship with Manifest Genesis, LLC

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Boresha International, Inc. forms Business Relationship with Manifest Genesis, LLC

Boresha International, Inc. and Manifest Genesis, LLC both of Walnut Creek, CA have today entered into a business relationship designed to reward its field leaders as Boresha sets pace for increased sales as a result of newly developed opportunities and territories. In forming the LLC, Boresha concurrently made the announcement that it ended its affiliation with the Company's past Master Distributor, Joseph (Joey) W. Boswell, III of West Virginia

Walnut Creek, CA / / ACCESSWIRE / April 16, 2014 / (BoreshaInternational) Boresha International, Inc., a network marketing company in the health-and-wellness industry, which focuses its efforts on addressing the global health problem of obesity through its unique product line, announces today the introduction of its business relationship with the newly formed Manifest Genesis, LLC. Manifest Genesis, LLC will be based in Walnut Creek, California, as is Boresha International.

Manifest Genesis, LLC, a California Limited Liability Company, was formed to lead Boresha's distributor force through the development and execution of sales incentives designed to reward its field leaders in anticipation of a dramatic increase in sales with the development of new opportunities and new territories.

These sales incentives include Boresha's recently launched "Champions Club," a program that identifies and rewards top-producing members of the Boresha salesforce for sales, recruiting and leadership. The incentives include bonuses, recognition and exclusive trips, including the "Champions Retreat."  Exciting news regarding to the current "Elite 12 Champions Club" and the next Retreat will be addressed in a separate press release.

Manifest Genesis, LLC is being formed, in coordination with Joseph A. Juliano, who holds a Senior Ambassador position in Boresha's hybrid unilevel and binary compensation plan. The LLC held its initial member meeting on Tuesday April 14, 2014. The founding members are Joseph A. Juliano, Leigh Juliano, George Najjar, Len DiGiovanni and representatives of US Health Science Products, Inc.  Management of the LLC has been delegated to Tony Drexel Smith (President of Boresha International), as Executive Director, and Martha McBride, Boresha's Vice President of Sales.

Senior Ambassador Joseph A. Juliano said, "I am more excited about the future of Boresha today than I have ever been. Forging a true partnership with the intention of supporting our field of independent distributors in a focused, deliberate and fun way during our thrilling next phase of growth is something that warms my heart and feels like a new day."

In forming the LLC, Boresha concurrently makes the announcement that it is no longer affiliated with the Company's past Master Distributor, Joseph (Joey) W. Boswell, III of West Virginia. Boresha terminated Mr. Boswell (for cause) on Tuesday April 8, 2014.  Boresha confirms that it will have no further business relationship with Mr. Boswell and that Mr. Boswell no longer represents Boresha in any capacity.

Chief Executive Officer George Najjar stated, "It is unfortunate that we had to make this decision. However, it is in the best interest of Boresha, its affiliated companies and our distributor force. Mr. Boswell's departure was not related in any way to the company's operational or financial performance, both of which remain strong.  Boresha will continue to focus on creating value for our customers and distributors, while upholding the highest ethical standards in every area of our business."  Mr. Najjar emphasized, "Boresha's distributors are our first priority and supporting them is crucial.  I am proud of all our field leaders and distributors and the protection of our shared legacy is non-negotiable."

Boresha celebrated its seventh anniversary on March 29, 2014 with a company picnic and the welcoming of new key executives in Sales and Marketing.

These occasions mark a significant time in the Boresha's history as it embarks upon its new business relationships with Manifest Genesis, LLC and US Health Science Products, Inc.

Media inquires about Boresha Coffee International can contact publicist J.Michael Palka.


Boresha, headquartered in Walnut Creek, California is a seven-year old established company that, through its partner companies, manufactures, distributes and sells a line of "B-Skinny(TM) Coffee" and associated health and wellness products. Boresha is on the forefront of distributing products that can assist with weight management by introducing concepts that are used by people every day, such as coffee and tea. 

The business is primarily marketed through a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) distribution model supported by 29,000 U.S.-based distributors with an expansion market with significant international opportunities.

Contact: J.Michael Palka, [email protected], 619-977-5022