New Network Levels the Playing Field Between Small to Medium Sized Businesses and Large Global Companies: Pronited a Top Choice for Businesses in 2014

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New Network Levels the Playing Field Between Small to Medium Sized Businesses and Large Global Companies: Pronited a Top Choice for Businesses in 2014

Chicago, IL / / ACCESSWIRE/ April 15, 2014 / For many small to medium sized professional businesses it can be difficult to compete with larger firms in an international market. Smaller firms are often overlooked and not even considered when up against big name global brands, which are favored due to their success and ability to demonstrate depth in their business. Unfortunately for these small to medium enterprises (SMEs), they also have limited access to resources and not as many opportunities as a global firm. Now there is a new solution, called by many "the future of business networking", that is leveling the playing field between SMEs and large global companies. Pronited is the first all sector global alliance of professional services firms that enables its members to grow, prosper and expand through their forward-thinking membership platform. 

Pronited is a global tribe of enterprises headquartered in Chicago, Illinois but its members span across the globe. The Pronited professional network instantly gives small to medium sized businesses credibility of a large brand name and resources the reach the global marketplace. Best of all, Pronited creates a constant flow of new business opportunities through partnerships with member firms and opportunity postings within its member site.   

"With Pronited, members are able to grow through a healthy deal pipeline while being offered many other benefits. This alliance then becomes an extension to each member's business and helps take care of the functions needed for the business to expand and prosper. SMEs know that they can depend on Pronited to provide them with long-term value that includes more deals, global coverage, a place to share credentials and knowledge, and training," shares Mohammed Hajjar, President of Pronited, Inc. 

Pronited is a collaborative effort where its members grow and work together to become part of a new experience that is the future of business networking. Pronited members have the reputation of providing the highest quality services to their clients while responding to client demands quickly and efficiently. By using the exclusive tools offered by Pronited, these businesses can continue to provide clients with the best service while staying up-to-date on global trends and expanding their resources. 

7 Unique Benefits Offered by Pronited: 

1. The ability to serve bigger clients with international operations

2. The credibility of membership with a prestigious global organization

3. Access to worldwide resources, knowledge and expertise

4. The potential to increase business between members and from clients

5. Access to proven tools to help its members better manage their firms

6. Professional training and development through the Pronited Academy

7. Group discounts on various purchases

Pronited serves professional firms and provides synergy among the following sectors:

- Accounting
- Management Consulting
- Legal Services
- Human Resources Services
- Marketing, Advertising and Communications
- Market Research and Media
- Public Relations and Fundraising
- Information Technology Services
- Investment Management and Financial Services
- Environmental Services
- Professional Training and eLearning

"We continue to strengthen Pronited by adding high quality businesses to our network each day. We strive to offer the best services for our members and have created a highly collaborative environment that accelerates members' businesses at the rate they are most comfortable with. Pronited has a long-term approach to invest, innovate and increase the value of the platform for both members and clients of their members. Membership is extended to qualified and credible professional service firms. Our global alliance accepts firms who are active and seeking growth and international status," Hajjar adds. 

For more information on Pronited and to become part of the global tribe, visit or set up a call here to learn more.  

NOTE TO THE MEDIA:  To schedule an interview with Pronited President and Founding Partner Mo Hajjar, please contact Tasha Mayberry at [email protected] or call 207.317.6099.



Contact: Tasha Mayberry, [email protected], 207.317.6099 


SOURCE: Pronited