Quasar Aerospace Industries Goes Into the Legal Marijuana Business

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Quasar Aerospace Industries Goes Into the Legal Marijuana Business

Quasar Aerospace Industries Inc. (OTC Pink: QASP) share volume shot through the roof Apr. 9, 2014, with 550,051,897 shares changing hands, more than 3 times its three-month average of 153,220,893 shares.

The tremendous surge in stock volume is being fueled in part by the Jacksonville, Fla.-based airplane part maker’s decision to get into the medical and recreational marijuana business by cutting a deal with a dispensary and warehouse business in Denver.

According to the company, the dispensary is Natures Cure III LLC located on East Colfax just east of Downtown Denver. It is in a prime location and its store front is of great interest to Quasar.

The terms of the partnership were not revealed.

Demand for Marijuana High

Natures Cure III, LLC's biggest problem is having enough supply of cannabis to meet the high demand. This store front is amazing, the company says in its press release.  That’s because it carries raw marijuana, BHO, hash, edibles, tincture, salves, shake and accessories.

Its grow facility is ready for expansion and is continually cultivating pounds of product. This relationship with Natures Cure III LLC is symbiotic in that Quasar can aid tremendously in the expansion and innovation of what is already an amazing business. The company said it believes the price per share as well as the shareholder value should drastically improve with this newly found relationship.

This remains to be seen.

On Apr. 9, QASP’s share price closed at 0.0024 cents, up 0.0002 cents from its closing price of 0.0022 cents the previous day.

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Green Cures Inc. Puts New Name and Management in Place   

In other news, Green Cures Inc. and Triton Distribution Systems Inc. (OTCPINK: TTDZ) announced the appointment of Mr. Robert Calkin as new chief executive officer, Meki Cox as new chief technology officer, Romeo O Cruz as new treasurer & board member, Dr. Wendy Osegueda as new South and Central America chief of operations & board member and the addition of Dr. Jhasmin Santizo to the board of directors.

The announcement of the new management team came less than a week after Green Cure’s Mar. 29 closing of its acquisition for controlling interest in Triton. The company is in the process of it changing its name and ticker symbol.

The California-based medical marijuana company said it would also the cancel approximately 300 million common shares owned by Green Cures Inc. and being acquiring assets (including intellectual property and products) into the company.

Name Change Strategy

Green Cures believes a new name and trading symbol for the company will help the market to identify its business focus following the restructuring and reorganization. The name of the company is to be legally changed to “Green Cures and Botanical Distribution, Inc.”  

Triton and Green Cures also announced that Triton plans to acquire certain assets, including rights to domain names, certain trademarks with pending registrations and intellectual property, and certain existing products, which will be used in Triton's business. 

The assets to be acquired include AllBotanical.com, AllCannabis.com, FutureMarijuana.com, CBDoil.us, and CBDcolorado.com, as well as exclusive licensing rights to all Green Magic and Green Cures products from Green Cures Inc., in order to enable the Company to move quickly with business operations following the restructuring plan completion. Management believes that acquiring these assets will enable the Company to begin commercial operations and implement its business plan, while offering initial products, allowing the Company to move forward more quickly in this fast-paced industry.

Additionally, Triton's management anticipates that the website Allbotanical.com will initially feature a total of 10 products, ready-to-ship, from the Green Magic line, along with additional products from other distributors. The Company intends to offer Green Magic Products to the public with an active Liability, and Packagers Protection Policy; therefore, the launching of Allbotanical.com is rescheduled for an expected date of April 14, 2014.

The company is also providing an update on the previously announced distribution of the shares of common stock of another publicly traded company, Privileged World Travel Club Inc., to stockholders of the company. Management is working to determine the best time and methods to make such a distribution, while balancing factors involved, including the costs and time required for undertaking such a distribution transaction, the performance of Privileged World Travel Club in the market and more.

On Apr. 9, TTDZ’s share price closed at 0.0367 cents, down 0.0063 cents from its closing price of 0.043 cents the previous day on volume of 50,739,285 shares.

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United Treatment Centers Completes Its First Round of Financing

Meanwhile, on Mar. 24, United Treatment Centers OTCPINK: UTRM), an internet-based news content provider for the marijuana industry,  reported that it closed its first round of financing for an undisclosed amount and will launch a full scale website/video operations on 4/20/2014.

"After fielding several offers, we have put together a structure that enhances shareholder value and is commensurate with our long term objectives. I truly apologize for our radio silence; I was advised by counsel to suspend communications until financing was finalized. We will always operate in an accountable and transparent manner," United Treatment Centers’ CEO Chris Seminatore said, in a written statement

"The size and scope of the website and video production has grown exponentially. We have integrated several educational and business service components which will substantially increase web presence and shareholder value. We couldn't ask for a better date to kick off operations,"Mr. Seminatore added.

On Mar. 24, UTRM’s share price closed at 0.0043 cents, up 0.0009 cents from its closing price of 0.0034 cents the previous day.

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