mCig Inc.’s New Subsidiary Developing First Alcoholic Electronic Cigarette

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mCig Inc.’s New Subsidiary Developing First Alcoholic Electronic Cigarette

Bellevue, Wash. / Australian e-cigarette maker mCig, Inc.’s (OTCQB:MCIG) stock volume soared Apr. 7  with 10,823,967 shares changing hands, nearly double its three-month average of 5,799,128 shares.

The surge in volume is being fueled in part by the company’s unveiling its new wholly-owned subsidiary LiqCig, Inc., which is currently developing the world's first pre-packaged alcoholic electronic cigarette.

Calorie-Free Alcoholic Consumption

The LiqCig will provide consumers with an unprecedented calorie-free method for the consumption of alcohol creating a potentially disruptive force within the $1.3 Trillion Recreational Alcoholic Beverage Industry.

“For thousands of years alcohol has been primarily consumed via liquid ingestion. This form of ingestion leads to liver damage, heart disease, and weight gain,” said mGig’s COO Mark Linkhorst. “Delivering alcohol into the bloodstream via vaporization is in our view a superior method for the consumption of alcohol. It also represents an exciting business opportunity given the size of this industry, and current logistical limitations,” he added, in a written statement.

On Apr. 7, MCIG’s share price closed at 60 cents, down 3 cents from the share price of 63 cents the previous day.

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Creative Edge Acquires Hemp Technologies for $15 Million in Shares and $4 Million Cash

In other news, Creative Edge Nutrition Inc.’s (OTCPINK: FITX) announced Apr. 4 that it has acquired Hemp Technologies for $15 million in shares and a $4 million cash commitment over two years.

“Once we complete restructuring of Hemp Technologies we will apply for a license to grow hemp,” said Bill Chaaban, president of Creative Edge Nutrition. “The seeds are going to be an issue, because the U.S. doesn't have a seed bank. There are seed banks in Canada and the Netherlands, but we have to import the seeds and pick the ones that will grow in the climate and soil that make up the U.S.”

Creative Edge Nutrition's acquisition of Hemp Technologies includes five-year employment contracts for Gregory Flavall and Anndrea Hermann, who is a licensed THC inspector.

“Anndrea is one of the world's foremost experts on hemp and cannabis," Chaaban said. “She will assist us with seeding and many other issues.”

Hermann was appointed not only president of Hemp Technologies but also chief scientific officer of Creative Edge Nutrition.

In Place to Purchase Pharmacy License

These are just the latest positive news being reported by the company.

On Feb. 26, news of a partnership agreement between Creative Edge and RXNB Inc. for the first right of purchase of a pharmacy license in the State of Michigan was also announced.

Under the agreement, CEN Biotech Inc. is positioned to establish a gateway for distribution of naturally occurring pharmaceuticals in acknowledgement of Michigan Senate Bill 0660.

Canadian Medical Marijuana Venture

On Jan. 9, Creative Edge also inched closer to approval by complying with the Canadian government’s regulations on tracking 1.3 million pounds of medical marijuana annually. The medical marijuana is to be distributed by Creative Edge’s wholly owned subsidiary CEN Biotech.

Creative Edge cleared this obstacle by using a new state-of-the-art M3Hub Seed-to-Sale tracking platform, which meets and exceeds Health Canada's tracking compliance regulations. This news comes less than two months after Creative Edge broke ground on its new 58,000-square-foot future Medical Marijuana distribution center, which will be attached to the company’s current 26,400-square-foot facility.

On Apr.7, FITX shares closed at 8 cents unchanged from its closing price the previous day.

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Cannabis Science Inc. to Expand Its Medical Marijuana Business in Nevada

Meanwhile, cannabis-based pharmaceutical company Cannabis Science Inc. (NASDAQ OTC: CBIS) announced Apr. 4 plans to enter the State of Nevada where new law expands medical cannabis opportunities to research, grows and dispensaries.

Cannabis Science has already created a partnership in Michigan to advance state cannabis law and pursue state-wide initiatives in Michigan. The Colorado Springs, Colo.-based company intends to bring its knowhow and resources to Nevada, the state of Cannabis Science's Incorporation.

According to the company, the new Nevada law marks another milestone in the progression in the legalization process of the medical cannabis industry in the United States -- one that is aimed at ways of managing multiple ailments for patients.

In addition, the new law is expected to contribute to the creation of new sources of revenue and employment opportunities within the state. Cannabis Science is well positioned to bring novel patient-based initiatives to Nevada.

This is just the latest positive news company from the company. On Mar. 18  announced it had finalized a $1,000,000 private placement and that the funds from the transaction were already in the bank.

The investors included Weedmaps Media Inc., the world's largest online guide for medical cannabis patients, and an unnamed Amsterdam-based investment company.

On April 7, CBIS’ share price closed at 11 cents, down 3 cents from its closing price of 14 cents the previous day.

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