Kenergy Scientific Inc (KNSC) Commences Search for One or Two New CEO’ For Both Its Media Business “Sparx” and Marijuana “e” Portal

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Kenergy Scientific Inc (KNSC) Commences Search for One or Two New CEO’ For Both Its Media Business “Sparx” and Marijuana “e” Portal

 TORONTO, CANADA / ACCESSWIRE / April 7 2014, Kenergy Scientific Inc (KNSC) (The Company) confirms that it is currently searching for a USA based CEO with specific qualifications in export and distribution of medical products and or a separate individual with good strong knowledge of advertising in media space . The CEO will be assessed based on not only his/her experience, but on the connections built over his/her career and on leadership ability. The interim CEO Zoran Cvetojevic will move in the capacity of Secretary and remain a KNSC board member.

As part of Kenergy’s business expansion plans interim CEO Zoran Cvetojevic, said "Such CEO can bring valuable experience in the areas of traditional and digital media placements, and offer a new injection of enthusiasm for KNSC’ new marijuana portal. Thee Company recently announced its aspirations and ambitions to venture into the marijuana "e" portal offering advertising and various goods and services product lines.

Interim CEO explained that "The best leaders are those that can easily adapt and change with the times. Distribution systems change, new products evolve, and as hot industry begins to evolve adaptability will be a key trait in the new CEO. KNSC is searching for a CEO that has foresight and adaptability to adjust to internal and external influencers as they come into play."

The Company operates SparX Business Media Inc. (Sparx) division . Sparx started in 2007 and rebranded and calibrated towards servicing growth companies, when it joined KNSC in 2013. Sparx has since attracted lucrative contracts and customers in the wide area of industry sectors..
The media portal that will service the marijuana industry and is in its final stages of quality assurance. The Company expects to launch the “alpha” version shortly. The Company will be making a series of filings regarding this and other positive material events shortly; and is using this opportunity to bring awareness to its followers to monitor the same.

More updates will follow frequently and on a timely basis. Find us on .

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