A Grass-Roots Action That Empowers The Individual To Make Decisions

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A Grass-Roots Action That Empowers The Individual To Make Decisions

Once reserved for 7-figure a year executives goes live, April 7

SUMMERVILLE, SC / www.myprgenie.com / ACCESSWIRE / April 07, 2014 / "Flying in the Face of Gravity", goes live with its 'Launch Day Party' registration set for April 7th, at 5:30pm Pacific, 8:30pm Eastern.

The event, which attracts some 12 excellent speakers from around the world, promise to deliver a wealth of free insight and inspiration covering the topic of success and abundance.

The "Flying in the Face of Gravity" book launch day blitz party, according to the event spokesperson, will be a gathering of success and abundance experts, media personalities, and luminaries from seven different countries - from Romania, Ireland, Italy, U.K., New Zealand, Australia, Africa, and USA.

"The presenters, who represent an amazing wealth of leadership, experience, and insight, will share their perspective on success and abundance," said the spokesperson, who is inviting interesting persons to go and reserve their spot by registering online at www.faceofgravityblitz.com.

"Not only will we be answering questions submitted by those attending, but also will be hearing words of wisdom and insight from the impressive wealth of knowledge brought by these international experts, and answering questions about the core principles of the book, as well as reminiscing about the book's evolution."

"In the middle of the two-hour webinar, we will have the countdown to the official launch of this unique and much anticipated book," said the spokesperson, who urges shouldn't miss the opportunity to participate in this one-time event.

The "Launch Day Blitz", which heralded a grass roots action that empowers the individual to make decisions once reserved for seven-figure a year executives, is designed to level the publishing industry playing field.

With just a few huge publishing conglomerates deciding what gets out to the public and what doesn't, the spokesperson noted it's a "sad reality."

"For example, if there is a mediocre book with celebrity appeal, and a great book from an unknown author, the mediocre book will be published, while the great book will disappear into the darkness of obscurity," said the spokesperson. "Can you imagine the world without 'Chicken Soup For the Soul'? The first book in that series was rejected by over 140 different mainstream publishers."

"Can you further imagine if the world would have never heard of Rich Dad, Poor Dad? That book was a self-published book, because no publisher would touch it. These books have gone on to change the lives of countless people, because the unknown authors were unwilling to take 'no' for an answer," added the spokesperson, who claimed they have decided to sidestep the control of the publishing conglomerates, and place the fate of Flying in the Face of Gravity directly into the hands of the consumers.

With today's technology, the spokesperson further noted that the huge publishing conglomerates are losing their grip, and no longer have an iron fist on the market. "These days, the consumers are in control," said the source.

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SOURCE: FaceofGravity.com