FastFunds Financial Corp. Launches TV Network Dedicated to Marijuana News

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FastFunds Financial Corp. Launches TV Network Dedicated to Marijuana News

FastFunds Financial Corp. (OTCQB: FFFC) soared Apr. 4, with 323,218,051 shares changing hands, significantly higher than its three-month average volume of 288,484,284 shares. 

The uptick in volume was triggered in part by the Apr. 3 announcement that the West Palm Beach, Fla.-based company and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Cannabis Angel Inc., have launched GreenEnergyMedia.TV, a network broadcasting real-time news and social media feeds relating exclusively to the medical and recreational marijuana communities.

In additional to capturing and syndicating hundreds of social media feeds, including real-time sources from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram, GreenEnergyMedia.TV broadcasts stock quotations and intraday charts on over 40 leading companies competing within the medical marijuana industry. The recently launched Cannabis Finance area of the website features this information, and will be updated with additional interactive features in the weeks to come.

FastFund’s goal in developing GreenEnergyMedia.TV is to provide the investing public, which has an interest in the medical and recreational marijuana industry, an exclusive online venue that offers real-time news, commentary, video feeds and investor data.

Since its pre-launch announcement, GreenEnergyMedia.TV has seen its online traffic increase steadily and has accumulated an extensive following of over 6,000 Twitter followers to date. In the weeks to come, GreenEnergyMedia.TV will be developed further to include additional extensions to the website that will maximize the value of the content being offered to its followers, and to the marijuana community in general. Shareholders of FastFunds can expect to receive further updates in the weeks to come pertaining to the GreenEnergyMedia.TV digital property.

On Apr. 4, FFFC’s share value closed at 0.0018 cents, down 0.0004 cents from the share price of 0.0022 cents the previous day. 

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Microelectronics Technology Corp. Bitcoin Cyber Currency Digital Mining Company

In other news, Microelectronics Technology Corp. (OTCQB: MELY) share volume also skyrocketed Apr. 4, with 393,809,381 shares changing hands, nearly 11 times its three-month average volume of 36,885,261 shares.

The huge surge in volume was fueled in part by the Del Mar, Calif.-based company’s announcement that it had completed negotiations for the acquisition of an established digital mining company and its digital mining assets.

The acquisition is now subject to final formal documentation to be completed by April 18, 2014.

The acquisition includes the existing operational digital mining servers and support software. The Digital Currency Mining servers are currently being transitioned to the Dynamo Server co-location facilities with the transition expected to be completed by month's end. This transition will allow for peak efficiency utilizing the state of the art server facility and seamless expansion capability Dynamo servers can provide.

Bitcoin Mining: BTC

Upon the completion of the Digital Mining Server installation at the Dynamo Server co-location facilities, the company will begin to offer fractional Bitcoin Digital Currency Mining server rentals to interested third parties for an annual fee based upon the hash rate available for partitioning.

It is anticipated that the partitions will be available for lease in minimum 20 Gh/s hash rates with any multiple of 20 Gh/s available.

"The acquisition of a Bitcoin Digital Currency Mining Corporation is an exciting development for Microelectronics Technology Co. for several reasons," states company president Brett Everett. "With this acquisition the company is acquiring a new customer for the Dynamo Server division creating a vertical with significant growth potential at the same time entering into the dynamic Bitcoin arena with a business model that creates opportunity for entry level investors to participate in Bitcoin mining with limited financial exposure."

Microelectronics expects to announce the completion of formal documentation by April 18, 2014.

On Apr. 4, MELY’s share value closed at 0.0031 cents, up 0.0002 cents from the share price of 0.0029 cents the previous day.

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Inc. Magazine Names Baristas Coffee Co. Inc. Most Exciting New Franchise

Meanwhile, Baristas Coffee Co. Inc. (OTCPINK: BCCI) announced that it is being designated "Most Exciting New Franchise" in the 2014 Franchise Opportunities Guide included in the April issue of Inc. Magazine.

 Baristas is a fast growing Seattle based costume-themed drive through espresso and branded products Kent, Wash.-based company.

The Franchise Opportunities Guide is a periodic listing by The Franchise Minute which identifies franchise opportunities that it believes should be given special consideration by those interested in pursuing a proven business model through operating a franchise. The Guide will be included in the April, 2014 issue of Inc. Magazine.

Kicks Off National Advertising Campaign

Currently, Baristas is selling franchises in more than 50% of the country.

The marketing push entails various forms of media including local and national TV, radio, print, and digital. Some of the confirmed outlets are Forbes, WSJ, USA Today, NY Times, CNBC, All Business, Business News Journal, Entrepreneur, Business Insider and numerous business reference sites. All are committed and paid for and will begin running next week. The media campaign will utilize a portion of the 1.7 million dollar media funding that was received by Baristas late last year of which approximately 1.67 remains.

"The multi-tiered local and national media campaign is expected to continue to leverage the recent exposure that we have received and to inform prospects of the strength of our business model. We are solidifying other media campaigns that will focus on other aspects of our business while continuing to build our brand supporting our overall strategy," Baristas’ CEO Barry Henthorn said, in a written statement

On Apr. 4, BCCI’s share value closed at 0.086 cents, down 0.009 cents from the share price of 0.095 cents the previous day.

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