Today’s Movers: Tesla Motors Inc, Green Automotive Co, Ballard Power Systems Inc, Ford Motor Company

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Today’s Movers: Tesla Motors Inc, Green Automotive Co, Ballard Power Systems Inc, Ford Motor Company

New York / April 04, 2014 / Market Buzz Report, which provides up to date coverage, commentary and alerts on OTC and NASDAQ Stocks, issues critical stocks analysis for Earnings Cheat Sheet: Tesla Motors Inc, Green Automotive Co, Ballard Power Systems Inc, Ford Motor Company.

Shares of Green Automotive Co (OTCMKTS:GACR) soared as much as 55% over the past week due to increased buying activity. The recent surge in the share price has been due to the robust improvements in year over year revenue and yesterday's guidance by the company. Yesterday, the company said that it they are forecasting an annual revenue of approximately $13.8m (2013: $3m), and breakeven performance, (at an operational level, excluding non cash items) for 2014 (2013: -$2.3m at an operational level, excluding non cash items) (based on 7 months revenues from both companies).

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Growth is expected in GACR’s Newport Coachworks business from an increased delivery of its diesel and CNG powered buses to fill a pre-existing book of orders, with anticipated weekly production rising from circa 2 buses per week, to over 4 buses. The company expects full production of their electric shuttle business to start in July 2014 with delivery to customers from September onwards. In addition GACR expects to start to export their buses during 2014, with interest from markets such as the Middle East, India and China.

From a technical perspective, GACR's ops is trading at almost its one month high and above its 50-Day Moving Average.

Considering the news, GACR could be a good trading opportunity for penny stock lovers.

In other news, Tesla Motors Inc(NASDAQ:TSLA) appeal of a ruling in New Jersey that bans the car maker from selling its luxury electric vehicles directly to consumers in the state shows Tesla is intent on shaking up the car industry, potentially hurting sales of traditional gas-powered cars.

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In a claim filed Wednesday, Tesla said that the ruling last month by New Jersey's Motor Vehicle Commission was antiquated and anti-competitive. It claimed that states were bowing to the pressure of car dealers.

According to Tesla's claim, if car dealers had to sell Tesla vehicles, then they would have to explain why electric cars are better than gas-powered cars, which would be a conflict of interest considering franchise car dealerships get most of their revenue from gas-powered vehicles.

Ballard Power Systems Inc. (USA)(NASDAQ:BLDP) is poised to report the first profit in its 21-year history as a public company, evidence the fuel-cell maker isn’t heading for a repeat of the 2000 technology bust.

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Chief Executive Officer John Sheridan, who retires at the end of 2014 after nine years as CEO, has focused on fuel cells for buses, forklifts and telecommunications towers, shifting away from car clients like Ford Motor Co. and Daimler AG.

“When you think of Ballard today, it’s a completely different company,” Sheridan said in a March 19 phone interview. “Fifteen years ago, we were a one-track company. We were subsidizing R&D for the likes of Ford and Daimler and it didn’t make sense.”

Earlier this week, Ford Motor Company(NYSE:F) reported a 3.4% increase in the U.S. sales to 244,167 units in Mar 2014. Retail sales also increased 3% year over year to 166,030 vehicles. This is the highest retail sales in March in the last 8 years. Sales were significantly higher in the second half of the month.

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