Kenergy Scientific Inc (KNSC) Addresses Late Filings Debt Reduction and or Elimination. Releases News Events Via Social Media such as Facebook Twitter Google

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Kenergy Scientific Inc (KNSC) Addresses Late Filings Debt Reduction and or Elimination. Releases News Events Via Social Media such as Facebook Twitter Google

TORONTO, CANADA / ACCESSWIRE / April 3, 2014 Kenergy Scientific Inc (KNSC) www.knsc.info Company) is of the opinion that this is a material event that warrants a public announcement. Further to the Company news release and filings on or about July 12, 2013 namely issues # 5, 6 and 7 as stated:

5. The new management has made great strides in reaching out to existing debt holders. For example, one of the biggest creditors (almost $2 million) is receptive to a settlement

at a fraction of the face amount. Further arrangements are being perused.

6. Other creditors are being approached on a one by one basis and are being offered other considerations, options and similar in exchange for their debt. The management remains highly optimistic in its objectives.

7. All of these aforementioned positive strides pave the way for the KNSC management to pursue asset and or merger plans as previously announced and or filed.
The new management and board members has made an exhaustive research and effort to reconcile its records with those claimed by the creditors to no avail. Most of the creditors mentioned in the company’s recent and previous filings either have defective or no records whatsoever of their debt. These creditors are either unwilling or unable to prove their debt via traditional means ie cancelled check, wire payment etc.. The previous management and board is unreachable and or unresponsive.   Until this matter was resolved the Company in abundance of caution carried the balances forward in its filings.

This was the primary delay in the Company not completing its filings in the timely manner. To that end the Company and the new management verily believe that the existing debt of the Company is much less than stated. The Company is of the opinion that these debts total about few hundred thousand instead of  several million dollars as it currently indicates. The Company intends to restate its financials and complete the filings forthwith without delay.  Section  #7 from July 2013 release is worth repeating "All of these aforementioned positive strides pave the way for the KNSC management to pursue asset and or merger plans as previously announced and or filed."

The management is of the opinion that this calibration of low debt or no debt on the Company books will have a significant positive impact on the Company valuation, plus allowins the Company to work prosper, expand and grow in a much freer environment.  

 In other Company news and events; ppursuant to SEC news release on 4/2/2013 where amongst other things KNSC  uses all forms of social media known including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Google, BING and other social media and chat groups to announce key company updates and events including and not limited to addressing falsely posted misinformation and/or libelous defamation of the Company its officers, directors and/or shareholders, as their interests may appear.

More details will follow shortly and on a timely basis. Again, restated financials and all material events filings are expected to be filed shortly and promptly in order to bring KNSC current with OTC Markets.

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