Kenergy Scientific Inc (KNSC) Releases Functionality Features Of The Marijuana Portal To Be Launched

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Kenergy Scientific Inc (KNSC) Releases Functionality Features Of The Marijuana Portal To Be Launched

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / April 2, 2014 / Kenergy Scientific Inc (KNSC) (The Company) is pleased to provide this update to its followers regarding functionality features of the marijuana portal to be launched.

Millions of Americans are now able to walk into a cannabis dispensary and purchase bags of marijuana for a variety of medical ailments, consequently this has led to the requirements of new updates, breakings news on cannabis that most researchers and those purchasing the product need to know.

KNSC has many benefits that include: updating the general public on the latest breaking news on marijuana, legalization updates, latest cannabis products, history of cannabis (for those interested in the uses and benefits of marijuana), newsletters subscription (available for those who like the convenience of news directly to their inbox), latest videos on the topic, blogs, and insightful community conversations about marijuana.

KNSC's research team stated "Having a well-informed public is what we aim for and with the legalization of this product in many states just starting, many questions can be addressed through this site as it is sure to become a valuable resource of information and portal on the benefits and uses of marijuana for all users, researchers, medical doctors, scientist, and all those that can benefit from latest up to date information on marijuana."

We will release articles on Marijuana products, its safe usage and its legal obligations. Since this new industry is growing faster than any other industry recently, investors and banks are closely monitoring the legalization and decriminalization of Marijuana. We intend to publish various details that will be helpful to investors.

The company projects revenues of several millions of dollars, with a profit of about 40%. The launch of the official site is scheduled to be released very soon.

More details will follow shortly and on a timely basis.

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