Crednology Holding Corp Looks Forward To A Great 2014

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Crednology Holding Corp Looks Forward To A Great 2014

GRAY, GA / ACCESSWIRE / April 2, 2014 / Crednology Holding Corporation (OTC:COHO) filed its year end financial statement on Monday, March 31st in accordance with SEC filing requirements. "We are very encouraged with the results our efforts have yielded. As we continue to forge new partnerships and encourage solid development of our existing partners, we believe our growth in 2014 will set a new standard in comparison with that of our previous 12 years," said Rusty Bresse COHO Chief. Bresse stated that though some licensee-partnerships forged in 2013 hadn't performed as well as the company had estimated in the early stages, he's very excited with the progress that's been made which he attributes to strong assistance in training, market development and planning from everyone on the Executive team. "Our partners become close friends. Each may contact any of us at any time 24 hours a day and they know it. The licensees are just as much a part of our company as anyone else involved and they know it," said COO Troy Fields.

COHO President Brian Schwelling is looking for major profit growth in 2014. "When we decided to become a public company we were forced to look at our operations and modalities of future growth. In 2014, we believe our valuation should increase to between .07-.10 per share conservatively. We believe that our current operations compounded by the major partnerships currently in negotiation in the U.S. and in Canada will propel our performance beyond expectations." Schwelling went on to say that the company has been laser focused on organic growth, which he believes has positioned the COHO for an explosive 2014.

On Tuesday, April 1st a former user of Point Deduction Technology(R)  in Canada launched a libelous smear campaign against the company utilizing the Canadian CNW news wire service. This smear campaign, to which a cease and desist order was filed in Canada, was a coordinated effort by an estranged business entity to financially injure COHO. Strategically placing the so called news with the wire service on the day after the filing of the company's financial statement to cause harm to the company is not only unethical, libelous and defamatory, but illegal and the company has responded with fervor. 

A cease and desist prepared by Attorney Michael D. Magonet, "notice pursuant to s. 5 of the Libel and Slander Act, R.S.O. C. L. 12," was sent to CNW and True Business Solutions, Inc. A copy of the complete cease and desist is available from the Company upon request. is the only company within the borders of Canada authorized to utilize our software and license additional outlets.

In technological news, COHO CTO Kenneth Ward, is working diligently to implement additional software code to analyze the new FICO Score 9 data scheduled to be released this Summer. "If we're going to maintain our best of the best elite status in credit data analysis, we need to continue to develop cutting edge technologies to keep up with the credit reporting industry." Ward said that while FICO Score 9 is at the forefront of the Company's tech efforts, new additions and modifications to the CreditDNA software have and will continue to enhance the end-users experience. "We've included a personal budgeting platform, a payment reminder system so that clients may stay on-time paying debt, a credit education module, which is actually an accredited course in Canada, and more enhancements will come throughout the year."

In expansion news, Crednology Holding Corporation is very proud to announce the addition of Shannon Lopez, new CEO of CreditDNA of Inland Empire. Shannon comes to the company with nearly 30 years of credit experience. "Shannon is one of the most tenacious credit experts in the industry," said Rusty Bresse, "She fights very hard for her clients and is very well read in credit reporting law. We know she will make an immediate impact to our operations."

Todd Reilly of Providence, RI a realtor, credit expert and Paralegal of over 25 years is the new CEO of CreditDNA of Providence. 

Pilar Tobias is the new CEO of CreditDNA of Stockton, CA and serves as President & CEO at Total Solutions Alliance LLC located in Stockton, CA. Additionally, Pilar serves as Broker Owner at Tobias Realty and Broker Owner at Innovative Lending and President at Light House Investor's Alliance.

Prior to founding Total Solutions Alliance LLC, Pilar served as Qualified Marketing Director at World Financial Group. Before arriving at World Financial Group, Pilar served as Broker Associate at Connect

Kirk McClain is a paralegal from Seattle, Washington with a passion for social equality, leadership, and entrepreneurship. As the new CEO of CreditDNA of Seattle, Kirk is a natural team-builder with over 10 years of experience working with executives, attorneys, educators, and businessmen. "I want to constantly create continuity of action wherever I go - which in turn creates intensity. I think intensity is a necessary ingredient for social change and empowerment," said McClain. 

COO Fields is very excited with the new additions to the company's list of licensee-partners. "I think we are building a world class company. Clearly the talent pool we've compiled and continue to attract is a testament to our strong fundamentals, cutting edge technological development and desire to provide a working environment where people can thrive."

Finally, Brian Schwelling has been working with multiple counties in Middle, GA in an effort to secure new facilities for the addition of 200 additional customer service personnel by year's end. "So far we've met with Bibb (Macon) and Houston (Warner Robins) counties. Both counties are attractive and we're just trying to determine where we can get the best deal from a tax and incentive perspective. We've met with Central Georgia Technical College and they've agreed to develop a training regimen for our new hires. This will make the hiring process so much more efficient. It's all very exciting for us." Schwelling added that the company is looking to take advantage of the military complex in the area and the human resources it provides.

About Crednology Holding Corp

Crednology Holding Corp, a Delaware corporation, a leading provider of technology and software to the credit industry which offers developmental solutions worldwide for real estate professionals, mortgage originators, property management and financial advisers. Its subsidiaries, ScoreNavigator and CreditDNA, utilize the company's exclusive Point Deduction Technology. This technology has the unique ability to analyze a credit report and give full visibility to the points being deducted for each account. For further information, visit

About ScoreNavigator

ScoreNavigator, a wholly owned subsidiary of Crednology Holding Corp, is a credit analysis tool designed for consumers and loan originators. It analyzes the electronic version of a credit report and recommends the quickest way to achieve a credit score and to achieve the score needed for loan approval. It is a scientific analytical tool. Its recommendations are based on the understanding of credit score calculations and how different factors affect scores either positively or negatively. ScoreNavigator can only suggest actions a consumer can take. ScoreNavigator itself cannot directly cause credit scores to rise or fall. ScoreNavigator is a tool used by consumers and loan originators to maximize a credit score resulting in more approvals and closed loans. For further information, visit

About CreditDNA

CreditDNA, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Crednology Holding Corp, is a Credit Management company with exclusive technology that other companies do not have. We help you establish or re-establish a good credit history, and provide ongoing training and support. CreditDNA, Inc. provides you with up-to-date credit education material and your own credit coach to assist in keeping you on the right credit path. For further information, visit

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