Music Curation Based on Your Genetics!


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Music Curation Based on Your Genetics!

ACCESSWIRE / April 1, 2014 / Tunebash, Inc., a privately held company, has been working in collaboration with a genetics research company, to find where music comes from inside of the human genetic matrix. By mapping these genetics to listening behaviors, utilizing Tunebash's mobile music app, Tunebash is creating a genetically based playlist for users.

After working in tandem with one of the largest geneticist in the industry, who are analyzing DNA pairs focusing on the Karyotype of Tunebash's users genetics, and by Tunebash cross comparing the datasets utilizing a data mining specialist, we have verified that these data structures are highly influencing the users in defining their personal attributes and behavioral habits.

The human genome contains approximately 20,000 protein-coding genes. Some of these protein codes, like BRCA2, have been linked to breast cancer. When Tunebash started this research, we wanted to determine what proteins are linked to the musical rhythm in humans.

Researchers found a protein set, TNBSH, that actually showed how the protein was tied to the primary auditory cortex of the brain. The auditory cortex is what humans use to analyze pitch and assists in perception.

Tunebash loves to tout its use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and integrating this into the users experience. Tunebash has partnered with one of the largest genetic sampling facilities that stores user genetics, and have linked it to its member's social media IDs, allowing them to create customizable music playlists based on our users genetics.

Last week Tunebash released their new mobile music app on iOS, Version 2.1, launching a new interface and resolving some small bugs.

Go get the app, and listen to music you love, genetically.

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SOURCE: Tunebash, Inc.