Lexaria Eliminates $193,333 of Debt

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Lexaria Eliminates $193,333 of Debt

KELOWNA, BC / ACCESSWIRE / April 1, 2014 / Lexaria Corp. (LXRP-OTCQB) (LXX-CSE) (the "Company" or "Lexaria") is pleased to announce it has eliminated $193,333 in existing debts through the conversion of those debts into equity units priced at US$0.35 each.

Lexaria entered into convertible debt agreements in 2010 that allowed for the conversion of those debts at US$0.35 per unit, into equity units comprised of a restricted common share and a warrant good to purchase one additional restricted common share for a period of one year after issuance, priced at US$0.40 per share.

Three existing creditors have informed the Company of their desire to convert their debts and therefore the Company has issued 552,380 equity units to retire debt of US$193,333.

"Lexaria has always been fortunate to have the support of its stakeholders, and we are pleased that these lenders have decided to participate in our exciting future through share ownership," said Chris Bunka, CEO of Lexaria Corp.

Lexaria has been building its team of experts and consultants in all aspects of its business and expects to continue this growth in the near future.

Unrelated, Lexaria also reports it has entered into an internal IR and Corporate Development consulting contract good for 90 days, and will pay US$3,000 per month and issue 100,000 stock options under the terms of this contract.

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About Lexaria

Lexaria's shares are quoted in the USA with symbol LXRP and in Canada with symbol LXX. The company searches for projects that could provide potential above-market returns.

To learn more about Lexaria Corp. visit www.lexariaenergy.com.


Lexaria Corp.

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SOURCE: Lexaria Corp.