Cannabis Rx Inc. Share Value Loses 48% of its Value in One Day

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Cannabis Rx Inc. Share Value Loses 48% of its Value in One Day

Cannabis Rx Inc. (OTCQB: CANA) stock lost 48% of its share value Mar. 31, with a heavy trading volume of 930,330 shares changing hands, nearly five times its three-month daily average of 189,836.

CANA's share price closed at $1, down 91 cents from its previous closing price of $1.91 the previous day. Yet, there was no news from the company or market indicators that signaled such a huge one-day loss in shareholder's value was on its way.

Well-Funded Real Estate Developer

On the contrary, the Scottsdale, Ariz.-based real estate development company describes itself as a company looking to grow its portfolio with long-term strategic investments within the regulated cannabis industry.

Cannabis RX recently completed a $12 million financing deal and said its intend to deploy capital in light industrial and commercial properties suited for the needs of growers, suppliers or distributors of licensed marijuana and ancillary type products. 

The company said it will consider additional investment opportunities in industrial and commercial space, ranging from retail, construction, nutrient lines and logistics. Cannabis RX also said would be offering start-up or operating capital to tenants looking to expand their operations provided they meet specific criteria.

Some industry experts speculate that Cannabis RX's share-value tumble was not because of the company, but was fueled by the volatility and uncertainty of the medical marijuana industry.

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Enertopia Corp. Raises $182,000 from Stock Warrants

In other news,  Enertopia Corp. (OTCQB: ENRT) share volume skyrocketed Mar. 31, with 2,677,257 shares changing hands, nearly three times its three-month monthly average of 920,808 shares.

The upsurge in volume is being spurred in part by the Vancouver, BC-based medical marijuana company's Mar. 25 update on its financing plans that are in motion.

Here's an excerpt from the company’s announcement:

Shareholder Update

Enertopia is also pleased to announce that 1,095,000 warrants have been exercised raising $114,250 and a further 325,000 options have been exercised for $67,750 for total consideration of $182,000 in net proceeds.

"These are exciting times for Enertopia and we look forward to further updates shortly with exceptional opportunities for our company in the Medical Marihuana Business sector," stated President/CEO Robert McAllister.

Any issued shares will be subject to a hold period in Canada of four months and one day, or for any resale into the USA under Rule 144, six months and one day. Subject to certain limitations, such securities may be resold outside the United States without registration under the U.S. Securities Act pursuant to Regulation S under the U.S. Securities Act. These United States resale restrictions will be applicable to all security holders, regardless of jurisdiction of residence.

The securities referred to herein will not be or have not been registered under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and may not be offered or sold in the United States absent registration or an applicable exemption from registration requirements.

On Mar. 31, ENRT's share price closed at 79 cents, up 16 cents from its closing price of 63 cents the previous day.

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Tranzbyte Corp. Stock Volume Falls  

Meanwhile, Tranzbyte Corp. (OTCPINK: ERBB) stock volume fell Mar. 31, with just 96 million shares changing hands, less than half its three-month average volume of 218.400 shares.

The low volume comes less than a week after Tranzbyte announced Mar. 25 that it has completed an agreement to co-market their grow-oriented products, specifically the EMC-5000 Environmental Master Controller, which is able to provide constant management for grow room facilities for indoor gardens and the Jurassic Oxygenation System to augment the previously announced efforts with the Biocube Green Grow Systems sales efforts in the US.

On Mar. 21, the company announced that it signed a Letter of Intent to form a strategic partnership with Abattis (OTC Pink: ATTBF).

Under terms of the agreement, the companies will sell and market or otherwise license one another's products in their respective regions. Once the arrangement is completed, Tranzbyte will have access to Abattis' expanding suite of bio-ceutical grow products found in the Biocube Green Grow Systems for cultivation (LED's, Nutrients - Natures Juice).

In addition, Abattis owns proprietary flash freeze extraction technology, which produces high-grade cannabis and other botanical extracts. Conversely, Abattis will have the Canadian rights to distribute ZaZZZ(TM) and will pair Tranzbyte's Jurassic O2 water systems with its Biocube Green Grow Systems sales efforts in the US.

"When one looks at the obvious NAFTA synergy, this relationship makes all the sense in the world. Abattis is a powerhouse in Canada; we are stronger in the United States," Tranzbyte COO Stephen Shearin, said in a written statement.

Technology That Speeds Up Growth of Marijuana

This latest good news comes only a few weeks after Tranzbyte reported that it was testing a new gas/watering system that dramatically increases the parts per million of oxygen in water and has several benefits including speeding up the growth of marijuana and increasing its yield.

The company executed a Letter of Intent on Feb. 12, 2014, to license this patent-pending technology for distribution throughout the marijuana growing industry in the United States. Tranzbyte is in the process of negotiating a formal licensing agreement with the owners of the technology pending the results of the tests which began in Phoenix and California last weekend.

Speeds Growth and Repels Pests

According to Tranzbyte, the new technology re-creates atmospheric conditions similar to those of prehistoric times.

"Think: the Jurassic era. Think of accomplishing the mythological 'fifth grow.' This serves to increase product availability and adds profit straight to the bottom line for the grower," says Stephen Shearin, Tranzbyte's chief operating officer. "An apparent side benefit is that several common pests associated with grow operations don't seem to favor the higher O2 environment. It was an unintended consequence of the process, but it could be as big a feature as achieving radically increased growth," he added.

On Mar. 31, ERBB's share price closed at 9 cents, up 1 cent from closing price of 8 cents the previous day.

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