AMG Services IT Solutions Offers A Range Of Gadgets To Educational Institutions

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AMG Services IT Solutions Offers A Range Of Gadgets To Educational Institutions

Kansas City, Missouri / ACCESSWIRE / March 26, 2014 / Gadgets Made Simple, a tech review website for techies and laymen alike, to feature AMG Services new line of educational tools. AMG Services will launch a new line of products, EduBuzz, aimed at educational institutions this spring. 

“We are thrilled to feature AMG Services,” says Gadgets Made Simple co-founder Luanne Evans. “They are always creating innovative products, and this new line is going to make some educators and administrators very, very happy.”

EduBuzz will launch in spring, after two years of research and development. The line will include new networking tools that will allow students, teachers, and parents to access classroom documents. EduBuzz will also feature systems to track work online, portable education technology, and tools that make learning more fun from elementary right up to collegiate level. 

“EduBuzz is going to make students love learning, or at least hate it less,” says AMG Services engineer Nancy Netiffee. “We aimed specifically to increase participation using something young people love: technology. And we decided to make it easy enough for parents to learn and use, too.”

Parents will be able to check homework, class participation, behavior, and other important facets of their child’s school day with EduBuzz. Teachers will be able to use the technology to not only update parents, but to keep the child informed of his or her work and standing in the class. EduBuzz will cut back on one-on-one meetings, which sometimes make students anxious or uncomfortable and which can be hard to schedule with working parents. Professors at the college level will also have a similar program to schedule office hours and keep students informed.

Gadgets Made Simple will feature an exclusive look at the actual technology with screenshots, a virtual walk through, and a panel interview with AMG’s EduBuzz engineers. After the interview, AMG reps will be available to answer questions from educators and tech enthusiasts via a live chat.

“This is going to be a fun unveil for EduBuzz,” says Netiffee. “I hope everyone is as excited as we are!”

Gadgets Made Simple will host a week of educational games, contests, and articles leading up to the event, showcasing how technology has affected the world of education over time. Users are invited to join the live chat early for speculation, and stay late for the Q&A session.

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