AVT Inc. to Provide Self-Service Kiosks that Clean Eyewear and Jewelry

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AVT Inc. to Provide Self-Service Kiosks that Clean Eyewear and Jewelry

AVT Inc. (OTCPINK: AVTC) had robust stock volume Mar. 25, with 61,846 changing hands .

The Corona, Calif.-based high-tech vending machine maker with 1,000 machines already in the marketplace recently announced it plans to pursue the vending of legal marijuana.

Because AVT is already a seasoned vending machine company with a track record and a thorough understanding of all the legalities in labeling products, it believes it has a leg up on many newcomers that want to exploit the new legal marijuana vending sector.

Pursues Diversified Vending Opportunities 

However, AVT also continues to pursue other innovative vending opportunities besides legal marijuana. On Mar. 24, the company announced that it had signed a manufacturing agreement with Opticwash, creators of the world's only self-service kiosk dedicated to the cleaning of eyewear and jewelry.

The Opticwash kiosk cleans and sanitizes eyeglasses, sunglasses and jewelry to perfection in a matter of moments.

The system uses Reverse Osmosis water, which is filtered to the point where it has no minerals or organics, and can attack and absorb dirt on contact. Additionally, an ultraviolet light source kills up to 99.9% of bacteria.

The Opticwash system began development in 2009 and has had great success during beta testing. The Army and Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES) participated in the beta testing with 7 kiosks in 3 different bases throughout Florida.

Opticwash kiosks have also proved successful in 5 shopping malls in Florida, the Wyndham visitor center at the Emerald Grande (2013 Hotel of the year), two marina ship stores, two Airport Fixed Based Operators (FBOs) and other locations.

On Mar. 25 AVTC's share price closed at $3.72, down 10 cents from its closing price of $3.82 the previous day.

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FusionPharm Inc. to Open Design and Sales Center in Seattle 

In other news, on Mar. 24, Commerce City, Colo-based FusionPharm Inc. (OTCPINK: FSPM), a company that makes and sells cultivation containers for marijuana growers, announced that it has leased space in Seattle's SoDo warehouse district in anticipation of opening its first Washington State design and sales center later this spring.

Its stock volume and share value have been on a downward trend as of late, but there is no news indicating why this is the case. In fact, the company has been churning out a spate of positive news releases since the beginning of the year.

Doubled Manufacturing Square Footage 

On Feb. 13, FusionPharm announced it had more than doubled its Denver Colorado area manufacturing facility, adding 10,000 additional square feet of manufacturing space. That’s because the company said that management felt that its existing manufacturing space was inadequate to handle current and future order flow effectively.  The new facility is adjacent to the company's existing facility.

The company added that additional manufacturing facilities are planned for the east and west coast of the United States in 2014.

$1-Million Cash Infusion

Then on Feb 25, FusionPharm announced that it has completed a $1 million round of equity funding.  It said that management intended to use the funds to complete outfitting of its recently expanded manufacturing facilities, provide for construction of new sales centers in key markets and to provide operations funding for acquisition of key personnel.

On Mar. 25, FSPM's share price closed at $5.25, down 46 cents from its closing price of $5.71 the previous day.

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Cannabis Science Closes $1 Million in New Financing

Meanwhile, a developer of cannabis-based pharmaceutical products Cannabis Science Inc. (NASDAQ OTC: CBIS) announced that on Mar. 18 it had finalized its $1,000,000 private placement and that the funds from the transaction were already in the bank.

The investors included Weedmaps Media Inc., the world's largest online guide for medical cannabis patients, and an unnamed Amsterdam-based investment company.

"We view this investment and collaboration as a great vote of confidence by those who know our industry best, and this is a major step forward for our company, giving us the kind of financial, market, and industry support that we see as key to the growth model of Cannabis Science," said Director and CEO of Cannabis Science Dorothy H. Bray.

The pricing for the private placement was set at $0.25 per share for 144 restricted shares coupled with a one-year warrant for $0.50 per share to comprise a complete unit offering.

This is just one piece of good news reported by the Colorado Springs, Colo.-based company.  

New Partnership

On Feb. 13, Cannabis Science announced its new partnership with Michigan Green Technologies, LLC formed to actively lobby for the legalization of hemp and cannabis in President Obama's home state of Michigan.

Robert Kane, Director and CFO of Cannabis Science, stated, "Michigan has always been an important market, and with a population twice the size of Colorado's, we see many opportunities ahead through our new venture with Michigan stakeholders."

Cannabis Science has been lobbying hard for the decriminalization of cannabis research, which is definitely makes it a player that is serious about developing products in a timely and safe fashion.

On Mar. 25, CBIS' share price closed at 16 cents, unchanged from its closing price the previous day.

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