Social Media Controversy - Lessons from the Weight Loss Industry


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Social Media Controversy - Lessons from the Weight Loss Industry

Danville, VA / March 24, 2014 / ACCESSWIRE / Perhaps you have also been up late at night turning through your cable channels because you could not sleep? Frequently you'll find yourself looking at a new fat loss commercial on TELEVISION.

In some manner there is always an individual, or even a business peddling a new fat loss product, looking for your attention to help you to obtain their product. These types of fat loss merchandise promise an individual the entire world, many people show you the prior to and immediately after images involving folks who have supposedly lost weight and shed fat when using the merchandise currently being promoted. No one within their correct intellect argues with a prior to and immediately after photograph involving anyone who has evidently shed a substantial amount of fat. If you observe a real review the idea lends credibility on the professional actor that you are watching on the commercial. Mentally a picture is painted in which an individual begins to note that the results are attainable with a little effort. To have an overweight person display a huge pair of paints that they can no longer wear as a result of the products taken, makes the average person carry out their own self evaluation. Lots of people have witnessed these kinds of commercials on TELEVISION, and were compelled to be able to confront their own fears of an unhealthy lifestyle.

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Decorative mirrors are unforgiving, they don't learn an individual, and don't care about your sensibilities and damaging your inner thoughts. Mirrors force an individual to face exactly they are looking at and what others are thinking of them. Mirrors do not care about your low self esteem or body image issues. The producers of these late night weight loss commercials on TELEVISION learn this specific fact and in addition they have embraced the idea, and have capitalized on it fully, and it has paid all of them immensely. But why does the weight loss industry use such strategies to sell their fat loss merchandise? Simply because they are aware that the shoppers won't buy their weightless supplements, unless they can see and identify a need for their products. In order for them to realize this objective, they use strategies that force their customers to look at their own need to lose weight and let them come to their own realization after they have been confronted with their own unhealthy lifestyle.

social media controversy lessons learned from the weitht loss industry

When it comes to social media, a lot of Marketing Managers are chasing their tails when it comes to marketing their brands using social media tools on the internet. Numerous have this specific false comprehension of exactly what social media controversy lessons learned from the weitht loss industrysocial media is, and what it can and how Social Media influences and impacts their businesses or brands. There are numerous weight loss products on the market place which could carry out exactly the same thing the “so called” fat loss merchandise claim to do. In the same way you'll find countless social media managers online marketplace that claim they have your cure for all your social media problems that your brand might be facing. The question then becomes, if there are all these social media marketing solutions being employed by all the other businesses and social media managers out there, how do you distinguish your brand from the rest of the pack? How come the weight loss industry has managed to monopolize their market for so long? Dietary supplements commercials all follow the same script year in year out, and they do not deviate, and they make tons of money just by sticking to their script.

These health supplements manufacturers would not simply be successful, because of those late night commercials on TELEVISION, they chose to examined habits of their customers and designed marketing strategies that suited their customer’s needs, and eliminated marketing practices that were not profitable for their business models. They did this simply by understanding their customers as well as their needs and anticipated their actions based on their research. When designing a social media marketing blueprint for your client, you have to understand their business model, their customers, their marketing demographics and their products. I am surprised when someone claims to be a social media expert but can only talk abut Facebook and twitter when social media is much bigger than that. To me that demonstrates a lack of understanding on the subject and it also means that the customer will end up spending tons of money on outdated strategies that simply do not work, thanks to a social media manager that has no clue about what they have gotten themselves into.

Many people believe that all they have to do use Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ solely, and that will certainly cause them to get to the promise land. This, in my opinion is the same as someone who knows they need to loose weight but are in denial. When someone needs to lose weight, they have to have a nutrition plan that includes some form of exercise. Similarly in social media, there has to be a customized plan that guides our strategies, and a one size fits all approach like Facebook and twitter is not going to get it. Today’s technology is advanced, it calls for social media managers to have the ability to understand, how to work with multiple social media platforms at the same time. It calls for the social media manager to have some form of understanding about search engine optimization and how it affects your social media marketing campaigns. When it comes to weight loss, one has to customize a weight loss plan for each person because everyone has their own unique dietary need. Similarly no 2 businesses are the same, each has a brand to market that represent different types of customers. To have a one size fits all approach when it comes to their social media needs is not only crazy, it just doesn’t make sense.

In weight loss the body has to learn to do without some things, likewise in social media, one has to examine what the needs of the client are. What type of social networking platforms does the customer need to be in? What video distribution channels are most appropriate for the client’s content? What type of keywords does the client need to help his YouTube videos get better ranking? Which blog distribution channels are best for the client? Do they need a Facebook advertisement or just a plane banner? And when doing their content for them, how many words should you use? And then where do you submit the blog to get the most exposure?

Don’t you think you should consider what type of social media reputation your brand is being associated with online? What are people consuming when they see your social media campaigns on the internet? Is your content engaging or is it repulsive? Does it attract more visitors to your website or does it turn them away? How do people respond to your YouTube videos? And how are those YouTube videos optimized for internet search engines to ensure better placement on the search engines?Your brand is your most valuable commodity on the internet as a business. Should it not be treated as such? You only get one chance to make a good impression; shouldn’t your social media campaign not be doing that for you? Social media is more than just publishing quick twitter updates and Facebook postings that make no sense. The worst thing to do is to go rattling off all over Facebook or twitter posting stuff that just does not make sense or is simply irrelevant. Facebook and twitter are awesome, but you have to know how and when to use them. Your social media presence online should only bolster your brand; engage your audience by providing value based content that keep visitors returning to your website.

For all the talk about social media, at the end of the day, you need someone who will be able to provide your business with a social media blueprint that is customized for your business. Why don't you obtain all of these services in one location? Stop wasting money spending money on 20 different social media vendors doing 20 different things at the same time. It makes sense to do so, simplify your life and focus on your business, without worrying about the anxieties that come with the lack of understanding on the subject.

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