Revolutionary Concepts Inc. Forecasts up to $30 Million in Annual Revenue

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Revolutionary Concepts Inc. Forecasts up to $30 Million in Annual Revenue

Revolutionary Concepts Inc. (OTCQB: REVO), a security technology and monitoring company in the developmental stage, saw its volume soar Mar. 20, with 14,797,383 shares changing hands.

The spike in Revolutionary Concept’s volume is being fueled in part by the company’s update it released to its shareholders on Mar. 19.

Plans Major Initiatives

In the announcement, the Charlotte, N.C.-based company says it plans major new initiatives to significantly increase investor returns and improve shareholder value.

After REVO announced it signed a multi-year global licensing agreement with its Licensee to commercialize REVO's patented "EyeTalk Communicator System", REVO is forecasting $20 to $30 million in total estimated annual revenue from residual licensing fees and royalties.

Now REVO's board of directors is reviewing several major proposals that could increase the price of its stock and its market value. Some of the company's major strategic initiatives and proposals under consideration include,

1. Distribution of a common stock dividend to its shareholders on a 10 for 1 basis. Under this proposal, REVO's shareholders would be entitled to receive one share of common stock for every ten shares that they own, which could provide them with an immediate return on their investment. The required documentation would be filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

2. REVO would consider purchasing up to 20% of its outstanding shares of common stock as a capital investment. REVO is considering purchasing up to 98.9 million shares or 20% of its 494,748,924 outstanding shares of common stock. The timing and amounts of any repurchases are subject to changes in market conditions and other factors. Repurchases will be made in compliance with all SEC rules and other legal requirements.

3. Proposal to improve its financial performance and restructure its balance sheet to reduce its debt and total liabilities. REVO plans to take measures to significantly reduce its $3.48 million in total liabilities and $751,924 in in long-term liabilities. The company proposes to pay down or pay off some of its debt, improve its capital structure and modify its debt to equity ratio. REVO intends to negotiate with its creditors to pay down, payoff and retire a substantial portion of the debt instruments that it issued to its investors and creditors to fund the company's initial operations.

"We intend to create greater interest and "brand awareness" for REVO in the marketplace, improve our stock price, and building strong fundamentals for the company," REVO's Senior Vice President Solomon Ali says,

On Mar. 20, REVO’s share price closed at 0.0089 cents, down 0.0014 cents from its closing price of 1 cent the previous day.

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United Treatment Centers Completes the Retirement of 3 Billion Shares of Its Stock

Meanwhile, United Treatment Centers OTCPINK: UTRM), an internet-based news content provider for the marijuana industry, share volume surged Mar. 20, with 280,403,516 shares changing hands, 2.6 times its three-month average volume of 107,470,743 shares.

The uptick in stock volume and share value comes on the heels of the Mar. 19 announcement that the Los Angeles-based company has verified with the transfer agent that the cancellation of the 3,000,000,000 shares of common stock announced on February 7, 2014 has been completed.

"It is with great pleasure that we can put this issue to bed! We understand that the shareholders have looked forward to having this issue finished. Currently we are working to update the financial information posted on all websites to properly represent the company as it now is structured," United Treatment Centers CEO Chris Seminatore stated.

On Mar. 20, UTRM’s share price closed at 0.0043 cents, up 0.0009 cents from its closing price of 0.0034 cents the previous day.

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MyECheck Launches Application for Government-to-Government Payments

In other news, MyECheck Inc. (OTC Pink: MYEC) is engaged in the payment processing business and provides electronic check imaging services to merchants, payment-service processors and banks.

On Mar. 19 the Eldorado Hill, Calif.-based company announced that it had launched a new payment platform for real-time government account to government account payments. 

MyECheck G-Pay service is the only fully electronic payment service that is capable of processing fully electronic transfers from government owned bank accounts. 

Provides Secure Payments

The G-Pay application is a plug-in to MyECheck V 3.0 and provides easily implemented security and payment capabilities for government entities to process authorized funds transfers to and from any government owned checking account. The service will be sold directly to federal, state and local government entities through internal sales, and through the use of contracted government payment service providers as resellers. 

MyECheck also announced it has certified with the state of California as a qualified vendor to the state, and now is eligible to bid on California state government contracts as a certified vendor for payment services. MyECheck is now also registered in the BidSync system to bid on all eligible government contracts. The company has previously bid on and was awarded a California contract to process payment data for CalSTRS.

On Mar. 20, MYEC’s share price closed at 0.0014 cents, up 0.0009 cents from its closing price of 0.0338 cents the previous day, on robust volume of 25,298,232 shares.

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