Tranzbyte Corp. Testing New Technology That Speeds Up Growth of Marijuana

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Tranzbyte Corp. Testing New Technology That Speeds Up Growth of Marijuana

Tranzbyte Corp. (OTCPINK: ERBB) announced that it is testing a new gas/watering system that dramatically increases the parts per million of oxygen in water and has several benefits including speeding up the growth of marijuana and increasing its yield.

“Results of the early testing on marijuana grows have been spectacular and have borne out our claims,” states Dr. Mayur Dev, the company representative assisting in setting up the tests. 

The Tempe, Ariz.-based medical marijuana dispensary company executed a Letter of Intent on Feb. 12, 2014, to license this patent-pending technology for distribution throughout the marijuana growing industry in the United States. Tranzbyte is in the process of negotiating a formal licensing agreement with the owners of the technology pending the results of the tests which began in Phoenix and California last weekend.

Speeds Growth and Repels Pests

According to Tranzbyte, the new technology re-creates atmospheric conditions similar to those of prehistoric times.

“Think: the Jurassic era. Think of accomplishing the mythological 'fifth grow.' This serves to increase product availability and adds profit straight to the bottom line for the grower," says Stephen Shearin, Tranzbyte's chief operating officer. “An apparent side benefit is that several common pests associated with grow operations don't seem to favor the higher O2 environment. It was an unintended consequence of the process, but it could be as big a feature as achieving radically increased growth,” he added.

This is just one of the latest positive developments being reported by Tranzbyte.

On Feb 20, the company announced that it has signed a formal agreement with Herbal Elements LLP, a legal Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Eagle-Vail, Colorado to assist in the final aspects of machine roll-out in Colorado.

The dispensary owner, Greg Honan, has agreed to work closely with Tranzbyte in supplying the company with important aspects of how the ZaZZZ machine will best work -- both legally and functionally -- in the Colorado marketplace as the company continues to grow its automated dispensary presence.

“To say we are pleased to have met, discussed ongoing and future business, and now inked an agreement with Herbal Elements and its proprietor Greg Honan would be a gross understatement," Tranzbyte’s COO Shearin said, in a written statement.  "Greg is a long-time Colorado professional who has been in the MMJ dispensing business for over four years,” he added.

On Mar. 12, ERBB share price closed at 4 cents, unchanged from the share price at the close of the previous day.

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Growlife Helps Finance Growers’ Infrastructure

Meanwhile, Growlife Inc.’s (OTCBB: PHOT) share volume continued to soar Mar. 12 , with 61,328,408 shares changing hands, significantly higher than its three-month average of 44,234,113.

The Woodland Hills, Calif. holding company that supplies equipment for legal marijuana growers  share  volume is still surging in part on Mar. 10 news of the completion of its first infrastructure financing transaction with CMMS, Inc., known better in the Colorado mountain ski communities as LEAF Aspen and Fat City Test Kitchen.

The GrowLife Infrastructure Funding and Technology program (GIFT) allows fully-licensed and compliant growers and dispensaries in well-regulated cannabis markets to spread the cost of infrastructure builds over time. The GIFT program is intended to facilitate near term infrastructure needs paired with long term exclusive supply relationships for the expendables required by fully licensed growers and dispensaries.

Growlife’s share volume initially began it upward movement Feb. 7  when Growlife announced that a majority of its stockholders preliminarily approved a provision that would allow the company to increase the number of its authorized shares of common stock from 1 billion to 3 billion. 

No Initial Dilution of Shares

In the surprise announcement, Growlife also said the increase in shares does not “immediately dilute” the current issued and outstanding share count. The company also pointed out that the provision was approved by 88.2% of the shares entitled to vote on the sole proposed item.

Some industry experts contend this move will give Growlife the money it needs for expansion. Others are puzzled by the action and are not sure what effect it might have long term on the company’s current shareholders.

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Developing Various Cannabis-Related Markets

Even so, Growlife has been positioning itself in the medical marijuana industry by developing various markets and deploying new products and services in them for months.

For example, one of its recently acquired companies makes hydroponic grow containers, which are designed to grow vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits in any environment. The company appears to be vigorously considering every possible angle and service to capture its piece of the legal cannabis pie.

On Jan. 31, Growlife announced that it had entered into a strategic partnership with RXNB Inc. by purchasing a 40% equity stake in the company. Growlife plans to distribute RXNB ‘s proprietary technologies globally and share profits related to technology licensing, subject to the approval of the GrowLife its board..

RXNB is an investment company with holdings in drug formulation, manufacturing, and distribution. The company represents a recent roll-up of several independent companies in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical market. RXNB has numerous pending patents in the field of THC research and development. RXNB has a portfolio valuation of $110 million dollars and approximately $27.5 million dollars in annual revenue.

On Mar. 12, PHOT shares closed at 50 cents down 5 cents from its closing price of 55 cents the previous day.

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Creative Edge Nutrition Inc. Systematically Expands Its Marijuana Footprint

Finally, Creative Edge Nutrition Inc.’s (OTCPINK: FITX) announced Mar. 7  that it has acquired the assets of the global holdings of Hemp Technologies Ltd. with operations in New Zealand, Canada and the United States among other countries for an undisclosed amount. 

Hemp Technologies Ltd. is a vertically integrated hemp company that grows, processes and sells its hemp directly to the consumer and for industrial processing. In addition, it is instrumental in hemp home building and building materials, hemp spirits and food, and hemp pharmaceutical and dietary supplements.

“This will allow us to become growers and resellers of hemp and hemp products worldwide, CEO and President of Creative Edge Nutrition Bill Chaaban, stated. “We are very excited to have acquired Hemp Technologies Ltd.  It complements our corporate mission of becoming a licensed grower and reseller of medical marijuana. We intend to utilize hemp for the extraction of CBD's where allowed by law; in addition to all other activities being currently undertaken by Hemp Technologies Ltd,” he added.

First Right to Purchase Pharmacy License

This is just the latest stunning announcement made by the company. On Feb. 26, news of a partnership agreement between Creative Edge and RXNB Inc. for the first right of purchase of a pharmacy license in the State of Michigan was also announced.

Under the agreement, CEN Biotech Inc. is positioned to establish a gateway for distribution of naturally occurring pharmaceuticals in acknowledgement of Michigan Senate Bill 0660.

Senate Bill 0660 recognizes the sale of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis through licensed facilities; allowing under certain circumstances, the regulations of possession and use of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis by certain individuals. Effective Dec. 30, 2013, the bill has become law, passing both the state’s Senate and the House successfully.

The agreement will allow for Creative Edge Nutrition to conduct business at the patient dispensing consumer level in the State of Michigan.

Canadian Medical Marijuana Venture

On Jan. 9, Creative Edge also inched closer to approval by complying with the Canadian government’s regulations on tracking 1.3 million pounds of medical marijuana annually. The medical marijuana is to be distributed by Creative Edge’s wholly owned subsidiary CEN Biotech.

Creative Edge cleared this obstacle by using a new state-of-the-art M3Hub Seed-to-Sale tracking platform, which meets and exceeds Health Canada's tracking compliance regulations. This news comes less than two months after Creative Edge broke ground on its new 58,000-square-foot future Medical Marijuana distribution center, which will be attached to the company’s current 26,400-square-foot facility.

Health Canada forecasts that there will be half a million medical marijuana  users in Canada in 10 years, but Creative Edge’s CEO Chaaban told Forbes Magazine Dec. 30 that with the availability and the assurance of consistency of the product it could  only take two years for users to reach that magnitude.

A Potential Windfall – Operative Word ‘Potential’

These forecasts point toward a potential windfall for Creative Edge and other companies like them, if the Canadian government grants the Michigan-based company the final approval to sell medical marijuana in the country.

On Mar. 12, FITX shares closed at 8 cents unchanged from its closing price the previous day.

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