Will Twitter Become the Next Amazon? fishbat Says It's In the Cards



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Will Twitter Become the Next Amazon? fishbat Says It's In the Cards

Following an article posted on Fox Business, fishbat, a leading Long Island SEO firm, explains how Twitter could become the next Amazon

Bohemia, NY / http://www.myprgenie.com/ via ACCESSWIRE / March 11, 2014 / fishbat, a leading Long Island SEO firm and award-winning social media agency, Twitter's potential in the e-commerce market and how it could transform itself into the next Amazon.

According to a March 5th article posted on Fox Business titled "Can Twitter Become the Next Amazon?" Twitter is looking to become more than a social media platform. With its eyes on the e-commerce industry, Twitter has already partnered with Starbucks and American Express to transform its platform into an online shopping experience.

This idea isn't completely new, as 'Social Commerce' has already been attempted by other social media platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest. While Facebook's e-commerce takeoff continues to dwindle, Pinterest's online shopping plan never really took off.

Justin Maas, vice president of client relations at fishbat, a leading Long Island SEO firm, says Twitter may be able to achieve what Facebook and Pinterest were unable to accomplish. "With powerhouses like American Express and Coca-Cola interested in using the social network, Twitter has a great opportunity to grow as an e-commerce platform in ways that Facebook and Pinterest could not. Facebook is more for social interaction, and although it does have a reliable online advertising background, its e-commerce abilities are mostly undesirable."

Maas says Twitter might have more of a chance to take the social commerce industry by storm. "The amount of products purchased via mobile devices is consistently increasing, along with the amount of purchases based off of social media advertisements. Assuming these two trends stay true, Twitter may very well become the next Amazon."

The article reveals that the analysts at Goldman Sachs also weighed in on the subject. The financial analysts maintained that while this is possible due to the interest of big businesses, small businesses could benefit from this Twitter's e-commerce platform as well.

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