LiveWire Ergogenics Inc. Acquires Apple Rush Co. for Undisclosed Amount

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LiveWire Ergogenics Inc. Acquires Apple Rush Co. for Undisclosed Amount

Apple Rush Co. Inc. (OTCPINK: APRU) share volume shot through the roof Mar. 7, with 140,528,672 shares changing hands, nearly five times its three-month average volume of 29,231,046 shares.

The tremendous stock volume surge comes as a result of the Mar. 6 announcement of the Rochester, N.Y.-based sports beverage’s acquisition by  LiveWire Ergogenics Inc. (OTCQB: LVVV).

According to a release by LiveWire, it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to purchase a controlling interest in Apple Rush for an undisclosed amount of cash and company shares. Upon completion Apple Rush will be renamed LiveWire Herbaceuticals, Inc. and remain publicly traded.

Moreover, LiveWire said that it will acquire the "CANNA RUSH" and CANNA BLISS" brands along with the formulas, intellectual property and applied-for trademarks. The acquisition will also include the licenses for the Apple Rush and Ginseng Rush brand held by RushNet Inc.

"LiveWire and its partners offer a complete manufacturing solution for chews, powders, bars and drinks. We sell our chews through a strong network of distributors and retailers. This transaction adds to our family of brands and expands our product line to include cannabidiol (CBD) and other industrial-hemp based products," said LiveWire’s CEO Bill Hodson.

On Mar. 7, APRU’s share price closed at 0.0018 cents, down 0.0012 cents from its close of 0.003 cents the previous day.

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Stevia Corp. Enters the Hemp Business with Wholly-Owned Subsidiary

On the hemp front, Farm-management company Stevia Corp. (OTCQB: STEV) share volume skyrocketed Mar. 7 on news that it was entering the hemp business, with 5,636,597 shares changing hands, more than five times it three-month average volume of 1,179,804 shares.

In a Mar. 5 news release, the Indianapolis-based company said it registered a wholly owned subsidiary, Real Hemp LLC, an Indiana limited liability company. In addition, the Stevia filed a federal trademark registration for "Real Hemp" and secured the "" domain as part of its strategy to enter the United States’ hemp industry and become an importer, manufacturer and licensor of hemp products and hemp derivatives.


Tremendous Potential

Hemp products can all be legally imported and traded in the United States and recent growth is being fueled by an increasingly educated public that is becoming aware of the many benefits of hemp. The 2012 retail value of North American hemp food, vitamin and body care products was estimated to be in the range of $156 to $171 million by the Hemp Industries Association (HIA).

When clothing, auto parts, building materials and other non-food or body care products are included, the HIA estimates that the total retail value of U.S. hemp products is about $500 million. Food and fiber uses for industrial hemp are growing rapidly and have increased over 300 percent, to an estimated 25,000 products, in the past few years. Much of that growth is coming from the increased sales of hemp food products.

Industrial hemp was the most important non-food crop in the early history of the United States, being used for sails, riggings, canvas, ropes, clothing and paper. Its diverse uses made it a required crop, for farmers' and the country's existence. With the passage of the Marijuana Tax Act in 1938, hemp production in the United States essentially ended. This was followed by the 1950's anti-drug legislation that made it illegal to grow any cannabis plant varieties to improve drug enforcement of illegal marijuana production.

On Mar. 7, STEV’s share price closed at 28 cents, up 5 cents from its close of 23 cents the previous day.

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Isolated Biomarkers for Neurodegenerative Disorders

Meanwhile, Aethlon Medical Inc.’s  (OTCQB: AEMD) shares soared Mar. 7, with 570,832 shares changing hands, significantly more than its three-month average of 345,162 shares.

The uptick in volume appears to be tied to a Mar. 5 announcement that the San Diego-based medical device company’s researchers have successfully isolated brain-specific biomarkers associated with a variety of neurodegenerative disorders.

The discoveries could have implications in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of Alzheimer's Disease (AD), Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Aethlon Medical develops therapeutic filtration devices to address infectious disease, cancer and other life-threatening conditions. ESI develops exosome-based solutions to diagnose and monitor acute and chronic conditions.

On Mar. 7, AEMD’s share price closed at 21 cents, down 1 cent from its close of 22 cents the previous day.

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Taking Steps toward Licensing

Finally, Irvine, Calif.-based Terra Tech Corp. (OTCQB: TRTC), a company that provides hydroponic equipment for legal-marijuana growers, stock volume soared Mar. 7 with 10,418,365 shares changing hands, almost twice its three month average volume of 6,280,582 shares.

The uptick in volume and share value comes on the heels of Terra Tech’s recent announcement that it has formed a team that will focus on medical cannabis opportunities in the Northeast. The team will be headed by Evan Nison, the Executive Director of NORML New Jersey and Co-Founder and Director of New York Cannabis Alliance.

Evan, whose medical cannabis industry beginnings stem from the grassroots movement to tax and regulate initiatives, has been a driving force behind marijuana law reform in both New Jersey and New York. He brings years of experience and success running organizations focused on advocating on behalf of consumers, patients, business owners, and other stakeholders to progress sensible and responsible cannabis reform legislation.

Cannabis Permit  

This is just the latest move made by the company to firmly establish itself in the medical marijuana market.

On Jan. 29, Terra Tech Corp (through their subsidiary GrowOp Technology, said it formed a team focused on competing for permits to operate cannabis businesses within the state of Nevada. The team is to be headed by former principal lobbyist for the ACLU at the Nevada state legislature Rebecca Gasca, according to the release.

Hires Heavy-Duty Lobbyist

Gasca is CEO of Pistil and Stigma, a values-driven community and government relations firm that focuses on legislative change, public policy, program development, fundraising, advocacy and public relations. She is former Rotary International Goodwill Ambassador to Chile and recently served as a U.S. State Dept. Legislative Fellow to Nepal. In Nevada, she has lobbied successfully on hundreds of pieces of legislation and her firm worked closely on the medical marijuana dispensary legislation that was signed in to law by Republican Governor Brian Sandoval.

“We aligned ourselves with Rebecca due to her history of expertise in helping shape socially responsible legislation," Terra Tech Corp CEO Derek Peterson, said in a written statement.  "She has been on the ground floor in Nevada since the inception of their medical cannabis dispensary bill and was instrumental in its formation. She is heading our team and assisting us in the formation of our applications,” he added.

On Mar. 7, TRTC’s share price closed at 70 cents, up 14 cents from its close of 56 cents the previous day.

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