Tengion Inc.’s Regenerative Medicine Could Save Lives and Revolutionize Health Care

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Tengion Inc.’s Regenerative Medicine Could Save Lives and Revolutionize Health Care

While regenerative medicine is at the cutting edge of bioscience and currently in its embryonic stages, if it someday works, it could save countless lives and completely revolutionize the health care system as we know it.  

Tengion Inc.’s (OTCQB: TNGN) is one such company working on regenerative organ therapies

The Winston-Salem, N.C.-based company’s stock volume soared Mar. 6, with 1,520,841 shares changing hands, more than five times its three-month average volume of 287,725 shares.

The uptick in volume could be triggered in part by anticipation of the company’s presentation at 26th Annual ROTH Conference on Monday, Mar. 10 at 12:30 p.m. PDT in Dana Point, CA.

Rumors and speculation are rampant that the company will dazzle analysts with a presentation and some surprise announcements on the progress it is making. But, again, this is pure speculation.

More about Regenerative Medicine

Tengion is an interesting company because it is  focused on developing its “Organ Regeneration Platform™” to harness what it says is the intrinsic regenerative pathways of the body to regenerate a range of native-like organs and tissues with the goal of delaying or eliminating the need for chronic disease therapies, organ transplantation, and the administration of anti-rejection medications.

The company is currently conducting Phase 1 clinical trials in Sweden and the U.S. for its Neo-Kidney Augment, which is intended to prevent or delay dialysis and transplantation by increasing renal function in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease. A Phase 1 trial for the Company's Neo-Urinary Conduit, an autologous implant that is intended to catalyze regeneration of native-like urinary tissue for bladder cancer patients requiring a urinary diversion following bladder removal, is ongoing.

Potential to Save Lives and Health Care Costs

If such therapies can be developed and proven successful, it could mean keeping patients alive without organ transplants and saving literally billions of dollars in health care expenses.

TNGN shares closed at 24 cents on Mar. 6, down 2 cents from its closing price of 26 cents the previous day.

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Fannie Mae Keeps Making Steady Progress

Meanwhile in the mortgage sector, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association,  (OTCBB:FNMA) share volume soared Mar. 6, with 47,636,054 shares changing hands, nearly three times its three-month average volume of 17,962,042 shares.

The strong uptick in volume is a result of its strong comeback despite shareholders suing the U.S. government challenging changes that the Treasury Department made to the 2008 bailout of Fannie Mae and a bitter winter slowing housing starts.

Some investors betting on a recovering housing market began buying up shares of Fannie Mae more than a year ago when they were going for pennies. Recently, shares in various classes of the preferred stock are trading near their highest levels since the bailout.

Evidence of Turnaround

On Feb 3, 2014 Fannie Mae announced that it and its lenders financed $28.8 billion in multifamily loans in 2013.

Working with its lender partners to finance 507,000 units of multifamily housing, about 99 percent, or $28.5 billion of the loans that Fannie Mae financed in 2013 were delivered through MBS execution. Fannie Mae met the Federal Housing Finance Agency's goal to reduce multifamily volumes by 10 percent relative to 2012 levels, achieving 95 percent of its total volume capacity.

“The need for quality, affordable rental housing is greater today than it's ever been, and we will continue to do our part by providing liquidity, stability and affordability to the multifamily market and maintaining our credit standards,” Senior Fannie Mae Senior Vice President Jeffery Hayward said, in a written statement.

This is just the latest piece of positive news about the government-sponsored enterprise, charged with stabilizing the secondary mortgage market in the last few days.

On Jan. 29, Judge James Peck approved Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.’s settlement with Fannie Mae over $18.9 billion in mortgage claims. Under the settlement, Fannie Mae will receive a general unsecured claim of $2.15 billion against Lehman. Under Lehman's Chapter 11 payment plan, this amounts to a recovery of about 25 cents on the dollar, or about $537.5 million.

In addition, Fannie Mae and others’ optimistic outlook for the 2014 housing market is fueling its spike in volume.  In a Jan. 13 statement, Fannie Mae’s Chief Economist Doug Duncan said that despite the rise in mortgage rates since the spring, many housing indicators posted strong gains at the end of 2013 and consumer housing attitudes are strengthening, “all of which bodes well for continued but measured housing recovery in 2014.”

In addition, Fannie Mae’s sister company Freddie Mac (FMCC), is planning to sell $1 billion of securities tied to the risk of homeowner defaults, almost matching the amount issued since the deals began last year. This is according to a person with knowledge of the transaction.

FNMA shares closed at $5.49 on Mar. 6, up 59 cents from its closing price of $4.86 the previous day.

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