SK3 Group and Alternative Energy Partners Expand Medical-Marijuana Delivery in California

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SK3 Group and Alternative Energy Partners Expand Medical-Marijuana Delivery in California

Medical Marijuana to Go

SK3 Group Inc. (OTC PINK: SKTO) and its partner Alternative Energy Partners (OTCQB: AEGY), doing business as PharmaJanes,™ announced Feb 10 that their e-commerce order servicing platform  has expanded its delivery service area to include an additional 35 zip codes  in California.

PharmaJanes™ facilitates enrollment of medical marijuana patients in its exclusive network of dispensaries by processing and verifying patients' applications in accordance with California state law requirements.

PharmaJanes™ then routes the orders to its exclusive non-profit collectives, which then process and deliver the orders to patients. Upon verification and completion of the application process, patients have access to all medical cannabis products available on the PharmaJanes™ menu for ordering and delivery. PharmaJanes™ features products produced by master growers, and products licensed by SK3 Group to its wholesale managed collectives.

This is just the latest bit of good news for the Miami-Fla. – based company that provides consulting services for California marijuana growers.   On Feb. 14 the company announced that SK3 Group’s subsidiary has brought to market a cannabis-based supplement that will be sold by various stores in California.

Cannabis-Based Supplement to Soon Hit Shelves

According to SK3 Group’s release, the supplement, which is called Dharmanol™, was developed by David Hoye and Dr. Charles Apel of Berkeley Bio-Organic Research Laboratories. It contains less than .03% THC, less than many hemp-based health products that are sold at stores such as Costco and Walgreens, the release added.

But it contains 10 mg. of the non-psychoactive phyto-cannabinoids that are present in hemp/cannabis, and are thought to contribute to the myriad of mechanisms that many university-level scientific studies have shown to be responsible for the healing power of medical marijuana, according to SK3 Group.

Dharmanol™ tablets will be available soon in California through an online delivery service and select medicinal marijuana dispensaries.

Pretty Solid Track Record

While you have to take most announcements from penny stocks involved in medical marijuana industry with a healthy dose of skepticism, Sk3 Group’s past financial record makes it an exception to this rule. As with all new product rollouts you must not be overly optimistic, but at least this company know how to make a profit.

Its third-quarter 2013 results were decent, according to its SEC filing:

- current assets: $22.7 million
- total assets: $23.7 million
- cash: $129 thousand
- total current liabilities: $2.3 million
- revenue: $17.5 million
- net income: $3.2 million

On Feb. 24, SKTO’s share price closed at 3 cents, unchanged from its closing price of 3 cents the previous day, on stock volume of 9,928,701shares.

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Moving Closer to Rolling Out Its Medical Marijuana Dispensary Machines

On Feb 20, Tranzbyte Corp. (OTCPINK: ERBB)  announced that it has signed a formal agreement with Herbal Elements LLP, a legal Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Eagle-Vail, Colorado to assist in the final aspects of machine roll-out in Colorado.

The dispensary owner, Greg Honan, has agreed to work closely with Tranzbyte in supplying the company with important aspects of how the ZaZZZ machine will best work - both legally and functionally - in the Colorado marketplace as the company continues to grow its automated dispensary presence.

“To say we are pleased to have met, discussed ongoing and future business, and now inked an agreement with Herbal Elements and its proprietor Greg Honan would be a gross understatement," Tranzbyte’s COO Stephen Shearin said, in a written statement.  "Greg is a long-time Colorado professional who has been in the MMJ dispensing business for over four years,” he added.

This is the first positive news coming from Tranzbyte since it had a deal to roll out its medical –marijuana dispensary machines fall apart.

Minor Setback

On Jan. 28, just three days after the Tempe, Ariz.-based company had announced to the the world it had reached a verbal agreement with PARC, a licensed Arizona dispensary in Phoenix to use its dispensary machines, it had to do an about face and tell the world the deal was dead.

On Feb. 24 ERBB share price closed at 3 cents, unchanged from the share price at the close of the previous day.

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First Shipment of Hemp Hearts Arrive In the United States

On Feb. 24, Hemp Inc. (OTCPINK: HEMP) announced the arrival of its first shipment of hemp hearts into the United States. from its hemp crop in the Gansu Province of Northwest China.

The hemp crop, which was planted back in 2013, yielded over 40,000 kg of hemp seeds and over 35,000 kg of raw fiber.

The hemp hearts contain beneficial Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and cannabinoids, or CBDs, a non-toxicating group of compounds with proven medical benefits and no serious contraindications. The potential revenue from the finished product, according to Hemp executives, is substantial.

More Exuberant Optimism on Hemp

Recently Hemp’s CEO Bruce Perlowin expressed his exuberance about the legalization of hemp in a provision of the new Farm bill Congress passed and President Obama signed into law last week. 

“It’s an unbelievable moment in in the history of hemp,” Perlowin said, in a Feb. 10, 2014 interview on Bloomberg TV. “We are about to start a clean American Industrial Revolution.”

Perlowin added that the legalization of hemp would eventually generate billions of dollars.

The Las Vegas-based Hemp Inc. has already developed and is selling a wide portfolio of products made from industrial Hemp, including fabric, paper, insulation, plastics, cooking oil and even salad dressings.

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New Line of Vaporizer Products

Hemp Inc. is also developing vaporizers for the medical and recreational marijuana industry. 

On Jan. 28, VaporBrands International, Inc. (OTC Pink: VAPR) announced it has entered into a Letter of Intent to form a joint venture with Marijuana, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Hemp.

Under terms of the proposed joint venture, Marijuana, Inc. will assist VaporBrands with the development and distribution of specialized marijuana vaporizing products to be sold primarily through existing medical marijuana dispensary networks.

In addition, VaporBrands and Marijuana, Inc. have agreed to research, develop and distribute vaporizer products specifically for the use of Hemp Oil in natural medicine. Marijuana, Inc. has also agreed to assist VaporBrands in expanding the retail distribution of its current and future electronic nicotine based cigarette products.

This latest move by HEMP through its subsidiary certainly strengthens its position in the marketplace. It also filled a much needed gap in its vertical offerings. While it’s too soon to measure how this will affect HEMP’s overall revenue, no one can deny it is a positive development – especially in light of the new farm bill.

On Feb. 24, Hemp’s stock volume soared to 93,548,142 shares, significantly more than its three-month average volume of 68,910,072 shares.

Hemp’s share value closed at 15 cents on Feb 24, up 2 cents, from its close of 13 cents the previous day.

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