J. C. Penney Might Disappoint on Earnings; eBay is Sticking with PayPal


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J. C. Penney Might Disappoint on Earnings; eBay is Sticking with PayPal

J. C. Penney Company, Inc. (NYSE: JCP) – For an in-depth report on J. C. Penney Company, Inc. follow: www.BullTrends.com/stockquote/JCP

Shares of J. C. Penney closed down 7.27% on about 26 million shares traded on Monday. JCP will report earnings after the market close on February 26, starting its earnings conference call at 4:30 pm (Eastern). A SeekingAlpha article released on Monday reported that J.C. Penney could come in below analysts expectations.

eBay Inc. (NASDAQ: EBAY) – For an in-depth report on eBay Inc. www.BullTrends.com/stockquote/EBAY

eBay closed up 3.13% on Monday after the company released news responding to activist investor Carl Icahn that the board has been clear in its view that shareholders are best served by keeping PayPal part of eBay. Carl Icahn has been pressuring EBay to spin off PayPal, its online payment business, but EBay has said it's not interested in separating its fastest growing segment. The stock traded nearly 19 million shares.

Gold Coast Mining Corp. (OTC: GDSM) – For an in-depth report on Gold Coast Mining Corp. follow: www.BullTrends.com/stockquote/GDSM

Gold Coast Mining Corp. closed up 111.11% on Monday with about 847 million shares traded. The stock was a big winner in the OTC market despite no news released. On February 18th the company released an update to shareholders. Gold Coast Mining Corp. is a holding company with interests in the mining and energy sectors. The Company's goal is create a vertically integrated oil division and continue its diversification into other high growth industries.

Triton Distribution Systems, Inc. (OTC: TTDZ) – For an in-depth report on Triton Distribution Systems, Inc. follow: www.BullTrends.com/stockquote/TTDZ

Shares of TTDZ closed up 32.61% on Monday with over 143 million shares traded. The stock was one of the biggest gainers in the OTC market although no news was released by the company. Earlier in the month the company announced that it has retained a Law Firm to finalize the posting of the Opinion Letter and complete the takeover with Green Cures, Inc. The law firm is in communication with OTC Markets and is in the process of reviewing Triton's corporate records. The law firm is committed to giving an accurate review of the company and has requested additional time to research and draft a well-informed legal opinion.


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