Crednology Holding Corp Announces Public Webinars Starting This Month

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Crednology Holding Corp Announces Public Webinars Starting This Month

Gray, GA // ACCESSWIRE//  February 19, 2014 // Crednology Holding Corp. (OTC: COHO) is inviting the general public to a webinar on Tuesday, February 25th at 7:00 p.m. EST.  To participate, interested parties should send their full name and email address to [email protected]. Participants are limited, so please check our website at to reserve a timeslot that works for you.

“This is the first of several public webinars we hope to bring to the public this year,” said Brian Schwelling, President of Crednology Holding Corp. “Who would be better to showcase our products to the public than the experts at and" 

As part of its credit education initiative, executives at COHO will continue to enhance and develop products within its software to increase the working understanding of credit and financial management for its clients.  “We believe that we have a responsibility to our clients to serve, protect and educate.  Service begins with our Point Deduction Technology®, protect them from damaging their credit and educate them to not make the same mistakes twice and to become experts in their own credit and credit rating. These webinars will help us to get feedback from the general public which we will use in enhancing our software,” said Rusty Bresse, CEO of COHO.

About Crednology Holding Corp

Crednology Holding Corp, a Delaware corporation, a leading provider of technology and software to the credit industry which offers developmental solutions worldwide for real estate professionals, mortgage originators, property management and financial advisers. Its subsidiaries, ScoreNavigator and CreditDNA, utilize the company's exclusive Point Deduction Technology. This technology has the unique ability to analyze a credit report and give full visibility to the points being deducted for each account. For further information, visit

About ScoreNavigator

ScoreNavigator, a wholly owned subsidiary of Crednology Holding Corp, is a credit analysis tool designed for consumers and loan originators. It analyzes the electronic version of a credit report and recommends the quickest way to achieve a credit score and to achieve the score needed for loan approval. It is a scientific analytical tool. Its recommendations are based on the understanding of credit score calculations and how different factors affect scores either positively or negatively. ScoreNavigator can only suggest actions a consumer can take. ScoreNavigator itself cannot directly cause credit scores to rise or fall. ScoreNavigator is a tool used by consumers and loan originators to maximize a credit score resulting in more approvals and closed loans. For further information, visit

About CreditDNA

CreditDNA, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Crednology Holding Corp, is a Credit Management company with exclusive technology that other companies do not have. We help you establish or re-establish a good credit history, and provide ongoing training and support. CreditDNA, Inc. provides you with up-to-date credit education material and your own credit coach to assist in keeping you on the right credit path. For further information, visit

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