Catalog Revenues Soar on Hannover House DVD Multipacks

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Catalog Revenues Soar on Hannover House DVD Multipacks

LOS ANGELES, CA / February 18, 2014 / ACCESSWIRE / With a growing catalog of more than two-hundred feature film and video programs, independent entertainment distributor Hannover House (OTC: HHSE) is now harvesting revenue success with a newly packaged release slate of multipack DVDs for the U.S. and Canadian home video markets. Thematic assortments ranging from three to ten full-length feature titles per DVD pack will begin hitting retail shelves as early as March, reports Hannover House President, Fred Shefte. Initial DVD multipacks include "The Jules Verne Collection", "Family Movie Night", "Horror House" and the "Pappa Cap Urban Six Pack."

"We have reached an important milestone in the size of our catalog which enables multipack items to be readily prepared," said Shefte. "Thematic DVD collections have proven to be extremely popular, especially in the budget-bins of key mass merchants, and Hannover plans to take a bite into this major market. This is a lucrative strategy to generate new revenues from titles that have already enjoyed their initial release success. The costs for repackaging and marketing titles from our film library are insignificant, but the sales from multipacks can be significant," he continued. 

Three of the initial multipack releases from Hannover House will be priced at $9.95 suggested retail, and are planned for placement into the Walmart and Best Buy "budget bins" at $5.00 to $5.50 cost to consumers. One of the initial multipacks is planned for placement in the New Release shelves with a $14.95 suggested retail list price.

The budget releases include: "Family Movie Night" - four, previously successful "G" or "PG" rated family features ("Animal Clinic", "Come Away Home", "Grand Champion" and "Savage Land"); "The Jules Verne Collection" - three, full-length animated features based on the classic adventure tales ("20,000 Leagues Under the Sea", "Around the World in 80-Days", "Journey to the Center of the Earth"); and "Horror House" - six horror-thrillers including "Blood Dancers", "The Deepening", "Dorm of the Dead", "Fearmakers", "Naked Beneath the Waters" and "Zombie Apocalypse." All three of these initial budget-collections will be priced at $9.95 suggested retail, with targets set for mass merchant bin placement.

A collection of six urban-appeal action films and street-documentaries will be released as the "Pappa Cap: Urban Six Pack" and priced at $14.95 suggested retail. The titles in this urban collection include:  "Chicago Streets", "Exclusive Street Battles", "Hip Hop Rewind", "Life After Death Row", "Tha Real Hustle & Flow" and "Whatz Really Hood."

Hannover House plans to release a total of twelve, multipack DVD assortments to the retail home video market during 2014. The company schedule indicates that there will be four each of collections in the genre's of action, family, horror and urban. Previously released multipack assortments for Hannover House included: "Classic Television", "Comedy Classics", "Martial Arts Action Pack" and "The Samurai Action Pack." Each of those four assortments were successfully merchandised through the Walmart "Budget Bins" and generated an average of $683,000 in gross revenue per collection for Hannover House.

Hannover House management will present a multifaceted release stategy to shareholders at the company's annual meeting this Friday, said Shefte. The budget-bin-priced DVD assortments will be complemented with an aggressive slate of new release home video titles and a slate of event-level "locomotive" theatrical releases. This scheduling strategy is designed to maximize revenues and bottom line results for Hannover House while positioning the company to rapidly ascend into the status of a major independent studio.

For more information on Hannover House, or to see corporate filings or financials, go to:, and search under stock symbol HHSE. 


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