SEC Connect Announces Latest Updates to its Disclosure, Collaboration and Filing (DCAF) System

SEC Connect, LLC

SEC Connect Announces Latest Updates to its Disclosure, Collaboration and Filing (DCAF) System

Tuesday, February 18, 2014 7:30 AM

 New Features Added in Response to User Feedback

San Diego, CA - /ACCESSWIRE/ SEC Connect, LLC, a full-service SEC filing agent, today announced that the latest release of its Disclosure, Collaboration and Filing (DCAF) system is now available to subscribers of the self-filing platform.  Updates in this release include enhancements to form preparation, a customizable filing calendar for DCAF users, and the addition of a footnote library for Section 16 forms.

The enhancements to DCAF are intended to further simplify the reporting process for the most commonly filed forms, and are the result of extensive feedback SEC Connect has received since it launched DCAF in 2010.  “One of the features we are most excited about is the addition of the footnote library to the Section 16 form template,” stated Nicole York, SEC Connect’s Director of Client Services.  “Not only will DCAF allow users to automatically roll forward their beneficial ownership with any new transaction in real time, but users can also save time in form preparation by quickly retrieving previously filed footnotes and add or modify the footnotes for each new submission.”

In addition to updates required as a result of amended rules and instructions, and changes to form types, SEC Connect periodically updates DCAF in response to user feedback as well as input from reporting professionals.  SEC Connect is currently working on additional features and functionality that it intends to issue within the next sixty days.

About SEC Connect
SEC Connect is a full service, fixed-fee financial filing agent founded by San Diego-based securities attorney Daniel W. Rumsey. The firm employs individuals with substantial relevant experience in preparing EDGAR and XBRL filings, and representing public companies. The firm acts as the client’s filing partner, adding value to a process that liberates clients from the traditional public company – EDGAR filing agency relationship. SEC Connect also offers its clients access to Proxy Connect, a simple, cost-effective way to post annual meeting materials to a secure, cookie-free website, in compliance with the SEC’s rules and regulations. Proxy Connect provides public company shareholders with the ability to conveniently access meeting materials online, in a customized co-branded environment where the focus is on the meeting.

About DCAF
The Disclosure, Collaboration and Filing (DCAF) system is an easy to use web-based filing platform designed by securities lawyers for securities lawyers, principal accounting officers and other reporting professionals responsible for SEC reporting and compliance. DCAF currently supports the filing of the most commonly filed documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including Form 8-K, Form 3, Form 4 and Form 5, Schedule 13D, Schedule 13G, Form D, Form 12b-25, and SEC correspondence.

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