3 Marijuana Penny Stocks Making Moves

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3 Marijuana Penny Stocks Making Moves

There’s a lot of hype swirling around the legalization of marijuana and the many penny stocks trying to stake their claim in the cannabis gold rush.

Yet, there are certain small players that are methodical and serious about how they are approaching this sector by making logical moves that are based on building markets through innovative products and/or political persuasion.

Here are three of them:

Introducing New Products and Obtaining More Operating Cash

No. 1-  MediSwipe Inc. (OTCQB: MWIP) soared Feb 13, with 4,055,193 shares changing hands, more than  double its three-month average volume of 1,991,658 shares.

This uptick in volume comes on the heels of news that Detroit-based company that provides payment solutions to licensed medical marijuana dispensaries had just launched its Mont Blunt® vaporizers and tobacco alternative product lines.

This is true vertical diversification and its one of the moves serious players in a burgeoning market always make.

Brings Strong e-Cig to Market

The Feb. 12 rollout was launched on the MediSwipe’s new e-commerce website at www.Montblunt.com.  According to the release, MediSwipe’s Mont Blunt® product line offers a clean, affordable alternative to smokers. The company contends its cigarette’s unique design will be embraced by its target market.

Mont Blunt Vaporizers are battery powered devices that allow cigarette smokers to receive a vaporized liquid solution, while simply exhaling water vapor. The vapor is both harmless and odorless, yet it provides users with a physical sensation very similar to that of tobacco smoke, without the hassle and hazard of traditional cigarettes. The stainless steel, short but streamlined thin tube allows the user to hold the product much like they would while smoking, mimicking the physical sensation smokers often require. 

The Mont Blunt device is also simple to use and effortlessly transportable. The subscription cartridges, which hold the nicotine and alternative flavors, are also small and easily replaceable, allowing the Mont Blunt user to enjoy this convenient technology wherever they choose, according the release.

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$1.1 Million Cash Infusion

Lately the company has been on a roll with many of its business moves gaining traction.

On Jan. 27, MediSwipe announced it just got $1.1 million cash infusion from an unnamed private-equity firm based in Chicago. Under the arrangement, MediSwipe will receive the funds over a six-month period.

Expanding Into Recreational Marijuana Market

MediSwipe says its plans to use the $1.1 million to expand its presence and product lines within new marijuana recreational markets including Colorado and Washington State.  Currently, the company has confined its business to selling hemp-based beverages, owns the Mont Blunt™ vaporizer and e-cig product brands.

“We have successfully paid off approximately $500,000 of our previous debt from last year, and are extremely pleased that our same institutional funding partners have offered MediSwipe over a million dollars to fund expansion and roll out our medicinal product lines in legal jurisdictions,” MediSwipe’s CEO B. Michael Friedman said, in a written statement.

Friedman added that MediSwipe would continue to be “fully transparent to our investors, shareholders and institutional partners.”

Share Price Up 31.68%

On Feb. 13, MWIP share price closed at 37 cents, up 9 cents, or $31.68%, from its closing price of 28 cents the previous day.

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Solar Batteries Added To Power Growers’ Lights

No. 2 - Greengro Technologies (OTCPINK: GRNH), a company that provides construction and maintenance services for medical and recreational marijuana growers, announced Feb. 13, 2014 a strategic alliance with advanced solar solutions manufacturer Solaris Power Cells (OTCBB: SPCL).

Under this alliance, Greengro will deploy Solaris' 100% solar solution to current and future projects where the company's Flux Lighting brand of products are utilized for advanced indoor/outdoor grow operations. 

Completed First Trials Successfully

Solaris has successfully completed its first trials of its newly designed Solaris Agriculture Grow Cell™, a self-contained off grid agriculture LED grow light solution. The sun recharges the Solaris Power Cells which powers the Red Blue spectrum LED array that enables the crop growth under a controlled lighting condition even after the sun has gone down for the day. As an added safety feature, the Solaris Power Cells are solid state that does not depend on Toxic Lead Acid Batteries.

What makes this move a win is that Solaris Agriculture Grow Cell technologies complement Greengro's lines of complete grow systems including its modular designs and complete greenhouse solutions. 

"This alliance is in line with our desire to provide a complete systems and service offering and provides an economical alternative to traditional power sources for our large-scale commercial grow projects," states Greengro’s CEO James Haas.

 This is the second major move Greengro has made in a week.

On Feb, 4 it finalized the hiring of its core management team of BP Gardens project.

This is an ambitious agriculture sciences project spanning two locations in prime California real estate. A key component of the projects includes cutting-edge aquaponics production for commercial sales of fruit, vegetables and fish, with additional features soon to be announced. This type of technology and agricultural knowhow being developed and applied by Greengro is a critical component for ensuring the success of marijuana growers.

Appoints Strong, Seasoned Management Team

BP Gardens CEO and Director of Sustainability Projects, Rafael O. Quezada, has appointed Nancy Caruso to be on-site marine biologist and recirculating water farmer with Josh Graybiel providing design of the aquaponics and greenhouse systems.

Greengro says that Ms. Caruso brings a wealth of experience with stints at Aquarium of the Pacific, the California CoastKeepers, Disney and others, in addition to multiple, ongoing educational aquaponics programs initiated in schools throughout Orange County.

Perfect Positioning To Capture Marijuana Growers’ Business

This project and others the Nevada-based company is working on puts it in a strong position to be the go-to company for new and established marijuana growers. These projects also help to build the company’s overall brand and credibility.

GRNH share price closed at 46 cents on Feb. 13, up 4 cents from its closing price of 42 cents the previous day.

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Ramps Up and Focuses Its State Lobbying Effort

No. 3 - On Feb. 13, Cannabis Science Inc. (NASDAQ OTC: CBIS) announced its new partnership with Michigan Green Technologies, LLC formed to actively lobby for the legalization of hemp and cannabis in President Obama’s home state of Michigan.

Robert Kane, Director and CFO of Cannabis Science, stated, “Michigan has always been an important market, and with a population twice the size of Colorado's, we see many opportunities ahead through our new venture with Michigan stakeholders."

Cannabis Science, a developer of cannabis-based pharmaceutical products has been lobbying hard for the decriminalization of cannabis research, which is definitely makes it a player that is serious about developing products in a timely and safe fashion. 

Before it began its focus on Michigan, Cannabis Science has and continues to systemically lobby Congress.

Lobbying Hard to Make Cannabis Research Possible

The company's government relations team lead, Rick Blake, is working with the U.S. House of Representatives' Cannabis Caucus to ensure that President Obama signs an Executive Order to decriminalize cannabis research. This is one of the bipartisan initiatives of the members of the Cannabis Caucus being facilitated by Cannabis Science. In contrast to many other countries Cannabis Science believes the regulatory landscape of the United States creates unreasonable restrictions on the ability of scientists and physicians to explore promising patient-driven research involving cannabis and cannabinoids.

“Thousands of patients are awaiting the President's action to set cannabis research free,” said Director and CEO of Cannabis Science Dorothy Bray, in a Jan. 29 written statement.

The Colorado company announced on Jan. 16 that it is spearheading an observational clinical research study in 2014 focusing on the use of cannabis and cannabis-based products to treat a variety of medical conditions.

“We will work with full authorization of the regulatory authorities and, most importantly, with the approval from patients,” said Cannabis Science President Robert Melamede.

But in addition to lobbying, Cannabis has made some pretty savvy vertical product moves as well.

Selling Equipment in Canada and Abroad

On Feb 3, Cannabis Science announced it would be partnering with MDS, a subsidiary of Medbox, Inc. to sell and distribute equipment to be used in the medical-marijuana industry. Under the terms of the agreement Cannabis Science has a 50/50 gross profit exclusive on any and all MDS equipment sales in Canada and other select markets, according to the release  Both Cannabis Science and MDS have multiple opportunities in Canada based on recent developments with medical cannabis in that market. Other countries will follow pursuant to the agreement as Cannabis Science moves forward aggressively in Europe and South America.

CBIS share price closed at 18 cents on Feb. 13, up 1 cent from its closing price of 17 cents the previous day.

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