Author Seth Lederman Releases New Book and Hits Three Different Amazon Best Seller Lists

Author Seth Lederman Releases New Book and Hits Three Different Amazon Best Seller Lists

Seth Lederman, best selling author, releases new book, Simple Idea - Extraordinary Results, and hits three different amazon best seller lists.


Houston, TX, USA / February 14th, 2014 / ACCESSWIRE / Authority Media Group, LLC announced Seth Lederman’s book, “Simple Ideas – Extraordinary Results” hit #14 on the Amazon Best Seller List in the Web Marketing category as well as number #37 in the E-Commerce category and #27 in Marketing / Web Marketing.

This triple best-selling book was released on February 4th, 2014 and in it Mr. Lederman shares a how he helps sort through the potential businesses that may be appropriate for an individual. His specialized knowledge of this topic, and wanting to share with a mass audience, was his reason for writing this book.

Mr. Lederman states, “Being a franchise consultant really resonated with me because of my knowledge base and my experience and how I built my businesses. I could really help people navigate the system. There are so many franchises out there and not all of them are perfect.”

Today, Lederman can help a successful business owner decide whether they should consider franchising as an appropriate growth strategy to scale their business. He is skilled at determining if franchising would make sense for a particular business and can assist with the steps that would make this a reality. He can provide both the resources and franchise development services providers to assist with this aspect of business growth.

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