New Chicago School Doesn't Just Teach Students Web Design

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New Chicago School Doesn't Just Teach Students Web Design

It Helps Them Get a Job

Chicago, Illinois / Feb 13, 2014 / myprgenie via ACCESSWIRE / DESIGNATION is a new design program based in Chicago. In 10 weeks, they offer to teach students the fundamentals of digital design, including UX, UI, front-end web development and more.

Based on the philosophy that the best way to learn something is through real-world practice, their immersive program is taught by working professionals, and promises 600+ hours of training and practice over the course of the program.

But perhaps its most interesting feature is that the founders offer to connect graduates with a network of technology-based employers as soon as they graduate. In this way, DESIGNATION is more of a training ground for design talent than a traditional school.

"There's incredible demand for these skills in the job market," says founder Kevin Yun. "But while there are a number of coding and web development bootcamp programs, this is the first totally design-centric program of its kind we're aware of."

Initially launched in June of 2013, the upcoming class beginning in April marks the beginning of DESIGNATION's newly revamped, full-immersion approach to the program.

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We're a group of passionate professionals from a variety of design-related fields, who have come together to build a purely digital design-focused school called DESIGNATION. Why design? Because as digital environments become larger and larger parts of our everyday lives, we believe design is more important than ever. Join us, and together we'll design the future.

A training ground for digital design.  
Go to college if you want a degree. But come to DESIGNATION if you want a job. In 10 weeks, we'll teach you the fundamentals of digital design, including UX, UI, front-end web development and more. We believe the best way to learn something is to roll up your sleeves and start doing it. That's why we place a strong emphasis on practical skills in a creative, collaborative, immersive environment.

600+ hours of design immersion.  
Our goal is to turn you into a full-stack digital designer in 10 weeks, whether you're a designer looking to advance your career to the next level, or an absolute beginner wanting to enter the world of technology. Our 10 week program is now fully immersive, and a minimum commitment of 60 hours per work is required -- and this doesn't include the 60+ hours of mandatory prep work before the first class session.

Companies need design talent.  
The job market in the digital design landscape has never been more demanding. The national median salary for UX designers is $80,000, and for UI designers is $86,000.* According to, there are 30,000+ UX jobs in demand but only 3,000 professionals in supply -- and that's just for UX. We've teamed up with a select group of Hiring Partners who are hiring designers and are very interested in hiring DESIGNATION alumni. Once you complete the program, if you get a job with one of them we'll refund half your tuition.

Contact: Andrew Wenum, [email protected], 330-322-3882