NEW Multicam Tactical Nylon Pouch -- the Mini Kit (MK-7) turns heads on Kickstarter!

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NEW Multicam Tactical Nylon Pouch -- the Mini Kit (MK-7) turns heads on Kickstarter!

Created by 20dollarbandit, the Mini Kit (MK-7) is a versatile Multicam nylon gear pouch specially created for Military, Law Enforcement and civilian adventurers alike!

Huntington Beach, CA / Feb 12, 2014 / myprgenie via ACCESSWIRE / There is a cool new must have gear organizer on the block designed for adventurous souls military and civilian alike to easily organize and carry their important gear around in called the Mini Kit (MK-7). It was designed by a self proclaimed "regular guy" out of California after he got tired of constantly searching his pockets and backpack for important small pieces of kit or gear. The story as told by Eric Bauer the designer and founder of, "I found that I was always carrying knives, flashlights, lighters and other every day carry items loose in my pockets and the stuff would just rattle around and be hard to grab at in a hurry, so I went home and designed a new style of easy access pocket organizer for my personal use". Apparently he is not the only one with this issue as the Kickstarter campaign he started a few weeks ago and that is 890% funded in Eric's words, "has come off the rails".

The Mini Kit (MK-7) is a compact clam-shell opening pouch made from 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon that measures 5.5" x 5.5". Its purpose of use (POU) is to hold and organize items that would normally be loose in your cargo pocket or backpack. The pouch has been crafted in such a way that your gear and tools as well as a small first aid kit fit into its compact and modular frame and then stow away in your cargo pocket or backpack. When you need access to the gear, just pull the bungee retention strap over the pouch and flip it open. This action the designer Eric Bauer points out "requires no fine motor skills which are commonly not available to the user when stress levels are high".

You can check out Eric's Kickstarter campaign or website for more information about the Mini Kit (MK-7).


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