Miro-Zecevic-Andrea-Zecevic Consult NYSE and NASDAQ Listed Companies Targeted By Short Sellers and Muddy Waters Research

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Miro-Zecevic-Andrea-Zecevic Consult NYSE and NASDAQ Listed Companies Targeted By Short Sellers and Muddy Waters Research

Feb 12, 2014 / TORONTO, Canada / ACCESSWIRE / Miro-Zecevic-Andrea-Zecevic a Canadian based investor relations consultant (IR) and mergers advisory (M&A) (MMG) has assisted numerous China based companies and issuers successfully defend against short sellers and stock bashers, since 2006. You tube Video link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ucYs__JAoQ

Miro-Zecevic-Andrea-Zecevic said "Many of these short sellers and stock bashers target big bureaucratic type companies who are ill equipped for a "street fight" type conduct and drama; or the novice, unsuspecting companies who watch their hard work and their shareholders values diminish quickly. These short sellers and bashers work in accordance of USA free speech laws and the "Communication Decency Act" provisions."

Miro-Zecevic-Andrea-Zecevic success includes, raining in these types of activities through lawsuits in International jurisdictions. http://mmg.minamargroup.com/docs/judgment%20196.pdf

We were successful in having a well-known USA based chat board and blogger service observe the court injunctions http://ihwiki.advfn.com/index.php?title=MMG_Injunction

As a testament to our no nonsense approach, we have been approached by China based companies trading in USA who have been subjected to stock bashings and short selling by such short seller groups as Muddy Waters Research http://www.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/1998/4052655?title=comtex_bloomberg.

These companies have asked us to assist them in telling their side of the story and restore shareholder confidence.
In our opinion China companies are easy prey. A bully simply mugs them for some lunch money and moves on to the next victim. The pain of the mugging however lasts a while and with the Internet many investors are simply scared off. MMG has the resources, knowledge and ability to combat stock bashers and stop them in their tracks. In addition, Mr. John Lux will assist in addressing any short seller claims. Mr. Lux's experience includes that of former market maker, investment banker, security analyst, venture capitalist and author of "Bash the Stock Basher."

Meixua (Robert) Xu is our China based correspondent. Mr. Xu has been part of MMG team since 2006 and is well versed in Chinese business matters. Mr. Xu is our Asia Portfolio Manager. Mr. Xu commenting on our expansion into the Chinese market, said "We have seen some China based companies values plummet by half due to these self-serving "research reports" that are nothing more than an opportunity to short sell and dissimilate misinformation and intertwine facts with fiction. While we, at MMG, have been invited by several NYSE and NASDAQ based issuers, our goal is to expand and hold a seminar in China in mid-February to assist other China based companies overcome these attacks.

Miro Zecevic-Andrea Zecevic will address any "research reports" that contain inaccuracies and half-truths. MMG's plan of action includes, focusing on SEC filings made by the issuer, holding webinars, teleconferences, and shareholder education conferences to illustrate that the claims made against our clients are baseless.

MiroZecevic-AndreaZecevic has a proven track record, and knows what it takes to get the message out to the masses. Our years of experience and extensive knowledge of the markets will benefit our clients and bring back value to the investors.

To find out more about Miro Zecevic-Andrea Zecevic presence in NYSE and NASDQ and our focus on China based companies visit our website http://www.minamargroup.com/