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Best Home Security Systems - Top 5 Home Alarm Systems recently published their latest findings regarding the top 5 home security systems available on the market today.

With countless security companies offering home security systems, it can be difficult for consumers to choose the one best suited to their needs and the needs of their families.

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Home Security Reviews' researcher Gretchen Price warns, "Many security systems are overpriced and underwhelming. To get the best value, consumers need to know what their options are."

As burglaries in the United States decrease, many experts point to the increased use of home security systems as one of the primary causes. Thieves are less likely to attempt to break into a home when they see a security system sign in the yard. Security systems today are more advanced and harder to tamper with, and burglars know this.

The following news report will detail the features consumers should look for in a home security system and which shortcomings they should avoid.

Possible Concerns:

The home security system market is not without its flaws. Gretchen reported three possible downfalls of any given security system that consumers would do well to avoid.

  • Outdated equipment and procedures: home security systems worth considering will operate 100% wirelessly and offer easily accessible communication between user and monitoring center. In the 21st century, anything less in unacceptable, especially as high tech systems are readily available.

  • Overpriced: a quality home security system does not necessarily have to be the most expensive system. While fear mongering is common in marketing security systems, consumers must look at this purchase rationally, by choosing the system that both meets their needs and comes with a reasonable price tag.

  • Lack of non-security options: today's security system does not just offer home security, it also offers options such as energy saving capabilities and non-emergency alerts. These options are helpful to the majority of consumers and should not be overlooked when choosing a security system.

Research and Information:

In 2010, the Federal Bureau of Investigation reported annual home invasions of over 2 million. Victims of these invasions collectively lost $4.6 billion in property, or an average of $2,119 per home invasion.

What does this mean? It means consumers will benefit from securing their property with a home security system. To do otherwise can be very expensive and even possibly dangerous.

How a Wireless Home Security System Works:

A basic wireless home security system does not require professional installation or any drilling. Consumers can easily set it up themselves by putting up sensors wherever they choose.

The security system then uses these sensors, usually on the doors and windows, to detect a break in. When a sensor detects glass breaking or forced entry, it signals this to the control panel, which alerts the security company's monitoring center. All of this is through a secured cellular network, rendering a landline unnecessary.

When the monitoring center is alerted, a representative will contact the customer and then the proper authorities.

Advice on Choosing the Best Security System

"My top priority is to advise consumers to choose the best security system for their homes' needs," says researcher Gretchen Price. "Here are the features users should look for when evaluating these systems."

1. Operates completely wirelessly, allowing alerts to be transmitted via cellular network.

2. Detects a wide range of security threats, including broken glass, forced entry, fire, flooding, freezing, and carbon monoxide.

3. Offers non-security options, such as energy saving controls and medical pendants for the elderly and disabled.

4. Employs a free mobile application that alerts users to security issues and allows them to control security and energy options.

5. Monitors users' homes at all times and provides two way communication between the user and the monitoring center.

6. Provides automatic backup in case of power outage with long lasting backup batteries.

Gretchen Price is a consumer research specialist. "There are definitely some viable options for home security systems. Finding one with wireless operations and updated equipment at a reasonable price point is a must."

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