Integrated Customer Service and Logistics App Submitted For Testing to Fortune 100 Company

Here To Sever Holding Corp.


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Integrated Customer Service and Logistics App Submitted For Testing to Fortune 100 Company


Here To Serve submits beta version of cConnectsTM

ALPHARETTA, GA / February 3rd, 2014 / ACCESSWIRE / Here To Serve Holding Corp., (OTC Markets: HTSC), a diversified holding company, currently with two divisions, today announces it has released its beta version of cConnectsTM to a Fortune 100 Business Services company for testing; which has a potential monthly recurring user base of over 20,000,000.  cConnectsTM is a cloud-based mobile application enabling organizations to bring their customers and operations closer, providing the ultimate customer service experience.  At the request of the Fortune 100 Company and under a mutual NDA, access to the cConnectsTM beta version has been granted for testing and review.

cConnectsTM is a cross platform, cloud based service using real-time logistical and telephony technology to improve the communication and accountability of an organizations workforce, while driving customer loyalty.   cConnectsTM brings scheduling, customer service integration and human asset/fleet management together as one comprehensive solution for reducing costs and providing radical efficiencies of any size company.  cConnectsTM will eliminate the traditional capital investment for hardware and software to implement this type of solution. cConnectsTM seeks to disrupt the traditional challenges of connecting customers with the internal structure of an organization.

cConnectsTM delivers up-to-the-minute scheduling metrics and notifications directly to a user’s smartphone. Operational data is segmented for quick, easy review; such as GPS location, availability and scheduling, customer service communication, employee performance and scheduling alerts.

“cConnectsTM is a cross platform smartphone app providing logistics and communication tools to organizations looking to increase efficiencies throughout their operations. It allows a greater level of time management and accountability to all its users.  At the same time, cConnectsTM gives decision makers in customer service organizations a high-level of instant feedback to quickly adjust their strategies, organize their human assets and fleet, while at the same time provide increased transparency to their customers,” said Jeffrey Cosman, CEO of parent company Here To Serve Holding Corp. and creator of cConnectsTM .

On April 2, 2013, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission issued guidance permitting companies to use social media sites including Facebook Inc. (FB) and Twitter Inc. to communicate company announcements   HTSC encourages the investment community to follow all HTSC developments as it starts its practice of releasing news and other financial and product updates on its Facebook page at as well as its Twitter feed at


ABOUT HERE TO SERVE HOLDING CORP. Here To Serve is a diversified holding company with two distinct divisions:  a Waste Division and a Technology Division.  The Waste Division is being built through an aggressive acquisition strategy.  The Technology Division consists of wholly owned applications, as well as partially owned software products, each creating cloud based mobile platforms for industries ranging from business services, healthcare, law enforcement and governmental services.  Here To Serve Holding Corp’s products include: Interactive Defense System TM, for law enforcement and other municipal departments and cConnectsTM, for efficient communication and fleet/asset management using mobile and web based portals.

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