Redishred Capital Corp. ("Redishred") Announces Organizational Change

Redishred Capital Corp.


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Redishred Capital Corp. ("Redishred") Announces Organizational Change

Redishred announces today, that Mr. John C. Prittie stepped down as Redishred's President on January 15, 2014. Mr. Prittie has returned to the Heron Group of Companies ("Heron") to assume full-time and attention roles as President of Two Men and a Truck Canada and Heron Capital Corporation.

Redishred would like to thank Mr. Prittie for his ten years of service with the Proshred brand that is owned and operated by Redishred. The management team and the board of Redishred wish Mr. Prittie and the Heron Group of Companies well going forward. The Heron Group of Companies will remain a valued shareholder of Redishred.

Mr. Prittie will remain on the Board of Directors of Redishred to ensure a smooth transition. Mr. Hasham, the Company's Chief Executive Officer will assume Mr. Prittie's responsibilities.

Mr. Prittie commented as follows "I am very pleased with the progress that the management team has made during my tenure with the company and believe Proshred will continue to deliver impressive sales growth and an ever improving bottom line." Mr. Prittie offered his best wishes to all of Redishred and Proshred stakeholders including all Proshred franchisees.


Redishred Capital Corp. is the owner of the PROSHRED(R) trademarks and intellectual property in the United States. PROSHRED(R) shreds and recycles confidential documents and proprietary materials for thousands of customers in the United States in all industry sectors. PROSHRED(R) is a pioneer in the mobile document destruction and recycling industry and has the ISO 9001:2008 certification. It is PROSHRED(R)'s vision to be the 'system of choice' and provide shredding and recycling services on a global basis. Redishred Capital Corp. grants PROSHRED(R) franchise businesses in the United States and by way of license arrangement in the Middle East. Redishred Capital Corp. also operates five corporate shredding businesses directly. The Company's plan is to grow its business by way of both franchising and the acquisition and operation of document destruction businesses that generate stable and recurring cash flow through a scheduled client base, continuous paper recycling and concurrent unscheduled shredding service.


Redishred Capital Corp. (TSX.V - KUT)

Jeffrey Hasham, MBA, CPA, CA

Chief Executive Officer

[email protected]

Phone: (416) 849-3469 Fax: (905) 812-9448


Redishred Capital Corp. (TSX.V - KUT)

Kasia Pawluk, CPA, CA

Chief Financial Officer

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Phone: (416) 204-0076 Fax: (905) 812-9448

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