Tim “The Marketing Evangelist” Davis Offers Branding Tips From Richard Sherman’s Interview

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Tim “The Marketing Evangelist” Davis Offers Branding Tips From Richard Sherman’s Interview

Headed to the NFL’s Super Bowl XLVIII, Seattle Seahawks’ cornerback Richard Sherman has established himself as a media celebrity. Tim Davis, The Marketing Evangelist, offers three lessons to be learned from the epic postgame interview.

Los Angeles, CA, USA - January 30th, 2014 -- Tim Davis, The Marketing Evangelist, uses Super Bowl-bound Seattle Seahawk’s Richard Sherman as a teaching point for entrepreneurs seeking to become a celebrity authority in their markets.

The unexpected can cause people to talk. Whether people agree or disagree with Richard Sherman’s behavior, it’s a fact that this interview has caused people to talk.

“My experience with personal branding as a marketing consultant and public speaker has taught me that you will always have a tribe of fans who love you and a tribe who will criticize you,” explains Tim. “This is certainly the case with Richard Sherman.”

“I have watched plenty of ‘on the field’ interviews after football games, and Richard came out blasting his opponent and claiming his status as the best in the league,” says Tim. “I promise you that no one, even Erin Andrews, expected that outburst. When you hit the market in a big, unexpected way, get ready for people to chime in with their opinions.”

Speaking up can cause people to share their opinions.

Tim asks, “have you ever noticed that when a person passionately shares their emotions, people get fired up – on one side or another? There is no doubting Richard Sherman’s passion during the interview. Emotions are transferable. Based on the massive number of Internet comments, Tweets, and Facebook posts, emotions were transferred to the masses.”

Before Richard Sherman’s interview, most people had no idea who he was. But the next morning, his name was everywhere and everyone had an emotional opinion of what he had to say.

Tim said, “Your voice will cause people to talk. You may not like what some of them say. So be prepared.”

The media can spread the message like wildfire, especially if it’s controversial

“I do not know if Richard Sherman planned his response or if it was raw emotion,” says Tim. “But what I do know is that passionately expressing your thoughts to a reporter and a national audience will launch your message faster than any other medium available today.”

Tim also said, “Be ready for the response when you share your message with the media.”

Tim is a personal branding marketing consultant who works with big thinkers who want to stand out clearly from the competition and attract their ideal clients. He is also the founder of Personal Branding Mastery Seminars and has recently co-authored the Complete Personal Branding Mastery Home Study course with David Dutton.

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