Colin Archuleta, The Market Whisperer, Teaches Investors to Forecast Any Financial Market

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Colin Archuleta, The Market Whisperer, Teaches Investors to Forecast Any Financial Market

Most investors make trading decisions based on indicators that lag behind market movements. Colin Archuleta, The Market Whisperer, uses his Weight of The Move™ methodology to predict the direction of the market with 95% accuracy.

Los Angeles, CA, USA - January 30th, 2014 -- Colin Archuleta, the founder of Spartan Forecasts, is “The Market Whisperer.” Colin earned that title by developing and perfecting a trading methodology that accurately forecasts price action and market movement in the financial industry. He calls his methodology the Weight of The Move™.

“I have a passion for helping the common investor learn how to think and invest properly so that they can live the lifestyle they deserve,” says Colin. “Investors no longer need to be a slave to a broker or investment advisor.”

The stock market has made huge gains over the past three months. However, in the last two weeks, much of those gains have been eroded. Most financial industry “experts” explain the steep selloff on indicators such as weaker-than-expected new home sales and concerns about emerging markets that are overshadowing earnings.

It’s not what investors trade. It’s how investors trade. The value of Colin’s Weight of The Move™ methodology is that investors don’t have to rely on specific market signals or financial indicators.

“By their nature, indicators are always lagging behind real-time market action,” Colin explains. “I’ve cracked the investment code with a methodology that predicts where the market is going with 95% accuracy – without relying on indicators.”

The Weight of The Move™ works with any financial instrument. Additionally, the methodology can be used to enhance any trading strategy. I use this methodology every day, says Colin. “It’s difficult to inspire others to accomplish what you haven’t been willing to try and do yourself.”

With his degree in Business Finance, Colin began his career working in the financial products and services industry in the early 1990s as a Broker Analyst for Fidelity Investments. Initially, Colin traded pink sheets and penny stocks, then gradually moved on to master other financial instruments like futures, forex, and commodities.

After the disastrous fall of the financial markets beginning in late 2007, Colin reevaluated his investment strategy. Leveraging his knowledge and experience accumulated over many years, he created Weight of The Move™ – a unique approach to forecasting market movement and price action.

By applying this methodology, Colin has established a track record of predicting the exact movement of the S&P 500, DOW, Nasdaq, Russell 2000, as well as other equity indexes, commodities. And he does it all before the market opens with his daily Spartan Daily Forecasts newsletter.

Colin is looking for serious individuals to join him and discover how Weight of The Move™ can help any investor or trader to accurately forecast the market and achieve their investment goals. To learn more, visit to start a free 14-day trial.

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