Love Messages Via SMS Crucial To Successful Relationships According To New Video Release

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Love Messages Via SMS Crucial To Successful Relationships According To New Video Release

New video interview of couple reveals how a simple formula to texting love sayings can keep or rekindle the romance in a couple’s relationship in just days.


Newport Beach, United States / January 28th, 2014 / Relationship expert, Natalie Monroe, claims using love messages via SMS is crucial to successful relationships and to regain lost passion and intimacy.

Natalie Monroe recently released a video interview on her website called Love Messages via SMS made by one of her coaching couples who shared how a simple formula to texting love sayings to her boyfriend turned their relationship completely around and he was into the relationship again.

It is all too common for couples to get into a relationship slump and start drifting away. This is what Natalie had to say on the subject, “Yes, unfortunately, it is a very common pitfall in many relationships for the fun and passion a couple enjoyed when they first got together to go out like a flickering flame. The problem is most couples simply lack knowing about simple strategies that can fix the problem in less than 30 days or sometimes in just a week.”

One of the strategies Natalie recommends is using the mobile phone the right way which includes sending love sayings to regain the sizzle.

Natalie continues to state, “Sending the right messages using simple little ideas and formulas when away from each other—or even when in the same room together—can create an amazing sense of intimacy and connection between a couple. It can take the gas out of dumb fights and put the sizzle back into a relationship, no matter how long it’s been gone.”

Love Messages via SMS is a step by step method that lets one be unapologetically romantic and that involves sending uniquely specific love text messages that create true intimacy and closeness, even when physically apart.

“The best part of the whole method is a person can start using these simple little ideas and formulas right away to send love sayings that will give the receiver massive thrills when they read the romantic text,” says Natalie.

If a couple’s relationship is in the dull drums and the desire is to enjoy a relationship that is fun and full of romance, Love Messages via SMS might be a great method. If one is determined to find out how to send these wildly effective love text messages, it is recommended to watch the video interview given by one of Natalie’s happy couples and look into learning the same method today. Watch the video here

Natalie Monroe shares her texting tips, relationship and dating advice on her blog She also publishes a free newsletter that she says is organic because Natalie not only gives advice but her subscribers can share their pictures, tips and ask relationship questions that other members can reply to with their ideas and advice. Subscription details are available on the website.

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