Etelesolv Gets Bigger, Better Offices Following Massive Company Expansion

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Etelesolv Gets Bigger, Better Offices Following Massive Company Expansion


Canada's leader in Telecom and IT Management celebrates its success by maximizing support for clients and optimizing workplace satisfaction for employees

MONTREAL, QC / January 28th, 2014 / ACCESSWIRE / Etelesolv (, Canada's leader in Telecom and IT Management, is thrilled to announce its new Montreal Head Office.  The company is now located at 2409, 46th Avenue, Montreal (Lachine), Quebec, H8T 3C9.

The company's relocation became necessary following a period of incredible successes, massive growth, and sustained (and continuing) recruitment. The company now resides in an office three times the size of its original, overflowing headquarters. Although greatly-increased consumer interest in the company's products certainly drove employee growth, the role that Etelesolv's company culture plays in attracting and retaining talent cannot be understated.

"With this move, we restore and actually expand the recreational office areas that had to be sacrificed for workspace during the company's high-speed expansion," stated Christopher Thierry, President and founder of Etelesolv. "We're going to not only have foosball and poker tables again, we added a pool table and dart board! We more than quadrupled our dining area and will be providing our employees with a free coffee bar! We want our employees to not only love their work, but to love coming to work as well!"

It is this commitment to employee well-being that has resulted in Etelesolv's incredible employee retention and employee growth. At a time where the scientific and technical industries have shown the greatest turnover, Etelesolv has not only retained most of its staff, it actually managed to double its workforce in the last two years. By the end of 2014, that number is expected to double again. The manner in which Etelesolv is implementing the expansion highlights one of the company's core values, the recognition that nurtured employees are good employees.

From the outset, upper management envisioned Etelesolv to be more than a meeting place of exceptional talent. It has to be an environment built upon the core values of growth, a commitment to meeting client demand, mutual respect among employees, and close relationships with customers. Above all else, the workplace had to be nurturing and fun. Etelesolv, already the top Canadian Technology Expense Management (TEM - also known as Telecom Expense Management) company, was recently named as one of the Top 50 Small and Medium Employers in Canada.

All of this success is a testament to the unwavering satisfaction of its customers, and is due to Etelesolv's exceptional talent pool and the company's philosophy of cherishing its employees. With this move, Etelesolv is not only accommodating its valuable employees, it celebrates its success with them.

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