Alamo Partners to Launch New Real Estate Investment Fund to Develop Luxury Properties in High Growth Markets

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Alamo Partners to Launch New Real Estate Investment Fund to Develop Luxury Properties in High Growth Markets

Austin, TX / Accesswire / Jan 23, 2014 / Alamo Partners, LLC ( is excited to announce the formation of an investment vehicle to allow investors to participate in the development of luxury properties within their community while having complete transparency.  Alamo Partners has partnered with luxury home builders, realtors, architects and contractors to build top of the line, luxury homes with state-of-the-art technology.  Alamo Partners has identified The Woodlands, Texas as a high growth market because it is the future location of Exxon Mobile's headquarters. 

"We believe this is newsworthy for two reasons. First, people are always interested in finding safe places to invest their money and real estate is one of the safest investments out there. Second, our competitors that are older often miss opportunities because they are not familiar with the latest sources of information and analytic tools to discover the best high growth markets," says Will Roberts, Managing Partner of Alamo Partners.  "We learn the latest techniques to identify the most promising real estate opportunities.  We are young entrepreneurs from humble origins.  Based on our unique investment strategy we are poised to return millions developing luxury properties in the hottest Texas markets."

"The luxury housing markets in Texas are growing exponentially," says Brandon Jenkins, Managing Partners of Alamo Partners. "Between now and 2050, we are projecting Texas' population to grow by 120 percent.  People need a home to live in and demanding luxury homes that Alamo will offer."

Mr. Roberts and his partner previously sold equity interests in a public renewable energy company. They realized that people were investing in companies and products that either didn't work or didn't pay their investors a return (e.g., wind turbines).  As a result, Mr. Roberts and Mr. Jenkins decided to create something that actually did work for investors-Alamo Partners. Their goal is to create something people understand, something that is proven and definitely something that will provide a nice return for investors.

Alamo Partners was formed to engage in the acquisition and management of residential real estate properties. Our vision is to offer an alternative investment option, focused on the residential real estate sector which provides income and an element of capital preservation.  Our opinion is that the allocation of investment capital into residential real estate can help stabilize local economies, create jobs and provide a hedge against the volatility of the public markets. 

The Alamo difference - Through the acquiring and managing of residential real estate investments, Alamo Partners is able to locate and analyze target assets that provide the potential for above average growth. Our focus is creating and maintaining investor wealth through targeted real estate investments in the residential sector.  As a team, we provide an advantage over investing individually by allowing us to quickly and efficiently address issues through advanced foresight, experience and expertise.  Because our managers are directly involved in the acquisition of assets, we can manage our investments more actively than larger institutional investors. 

By investing in a fund with experienced and specialized management, investors are freed from the complexities and time required for individual property ownership. Over the years, Alamo Partnersd has seen extreme market fluctuations. As a result, Alamo Partners is always researching market trends to develop strategies that allows them to mitigate this volatility and reduce its negative effects on their investors. This experience has also better positioned Alamo Partners to take advantage of the opportunities presented in times of uncertainty. This proactive approach sets Alamo Partners apart from competition.

Alamo Partners LLC, a Texas based real estate trust management and development company, aspires to manage the financing and operations of multiple real estate projects, each with a unique market focus; all with unified concern for the highest possible risk adjusted returns for its investors.

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