SEC Connect Acquires Quest Document Solutions, LLC

SEC Connect, LLC


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SEC Connect Acquires Quest Document Solutions, LLC

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San Diego, CA / January 21, 2014 / ACCESSWIRE / SEC Connect, LLC, a full-service SEC filing agent, today announced that it has acquired the business of Quest Document Solutions, LLC. The acquisition increases SEC Connect’s ability to service its clients on the East coast, and provides Quest’s clients with access to SEC Connect’s exceptional client service team, and innovative, award-winning Disclosure, Collaboration and Filing (DCAF) self-filing platform, among other resources available to SEC Connect’s clients. The acquisition was consummated effective January 15, 2014.

“We’re incredibly excited to bring our exceptional client service and innovative filing solutions to Quest’s clients” remarked Daniel Rumsey, Founder and President of SEC Connect. “This acquisition will allow us to add additional client service professionals to our team, and therefore bring our gold standard client service to an even broader group of reporting companies, the officers and directors that serve them, the institutional shareholders that invest in them, as well as the law firms and filing agents that file on their behalf” continued Mr. Rumsey.

“We are extremely pleased to be joining forces with SEC Connect” remarked Mark Storti, Managing Director of Quest Document Solutions.  “SEC Connect has a long track record of serving the filing needs of its public company clients, consistently delivers high-quality client service, and provides innovative filing solutions that simplify the reporting process though its award-winning online filing platform” continued Mr. Storti.   “We look forward to our new relationship, and the opportunity that it presents to our valued clients.”


About SEC Connect
SEC Connect is a full service, fixed-fee financial filing agent founded by San Diego-based securities attorney Daniel W. Rumsey. The firm employs individuals with substantial relevant experience in preparing EDGAR and XBRL filings, and representing public companies. The firm acts as the client's filing partner, adding value to a process that liberates clients from the traditional public company - EDGAR filing agency relationship. SEC Connect also offers its clients access to Proxy Connect, a simple, cost-effective way to post annual meeting materials to a secure, cookie-free website, in compliance with the SEC’s rules and regulations. Proxy Connect provides public company shareholders with the ability to conveniently access meeting materials online, in a customized co-branded environment where the focus is on the meeting.

About DCAF
The Disclosure, Collaboration and Filing (DCAF) system is an easy to use web-based filing platform designed by securities lawyers for securities lawyers, principal accounting officers and other reporting professionals responsible for SEC reporting and compliance. DCAF currently supports the filing of the most commonly filed documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including Form 8-K, Form 3, Form 4 and Form 5, Schedule 13D, Schedule 13G, Form D, Form 12b-25, and SEC correspondence. A feature-rich filing platform, DCAF allows for:

1. Simplified on screen filing preparation, which includes the ability to upload user generated forms

2. Active, intelligent database allowing easy drafting of forms requiring historical data, including Forms 3, 4 and 5

3. On screen access to applicable rules and regulations

4. Collaboration with other compliance professionals

5. Conversion of filings, including exhibits, to SEC-compliant HTML

6. Web-based test and live filing to EDGAR, including the ability to schedule a live filing in the future

7. Real time filing distribution to designated individual filing recipients, as well as groups

8. Convenient dashboard, allowing easy access to filing schedule, past and current filings, beneficial ownership reports, DCAF users, filing recipients, SEC notifications, among other features

Designed to address the needs and requirements of filing agents, law firms, public companies, reporting persons, institutional investors and others involved in the reporting process, DCAF truly lives up to the vision of SEC Connect's founder to simplify the reporting process for reporting professionals responsible for SEC compliance and reporting. DCAF is currently available for license on a subscription basis to individual reporting companies, law firms, filing agents and other involved in the SEC filing process.

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Daniel W. Rumsey
SEC Connect, LLC
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