Acrafile Provides Competitive Corporate Business Solutions to Singapore Companies

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Acrafile Provides Competitive Corporate Business Solutions to Singapore Companies

Acrafile Pte. Ltd. has introduced one-stop corporate business solutions for small and medium enterprises looking to incorporate in Singapore.

Singapore  / January 21st, 2014 / ACCESSWIRE / Incorporating a business in Singapore can be a hassle. To facilitate company incorporation under the Singapore Companies Act, Acrafile has introduced one stop corporate business solution aimed at helping local and foreign business owners incorporate their businesses. The solution includes company incorporation, corporate secretarial services, accounting services, payroll services, and striking off and dissolution.

Under the Singapore Companies Act, every company operating in the country must appoint a qualified Company Secretary within 6 months of incorporation. All Company Secretaries must be ordinary residents of Singapore. Local businesses find it difficult to fulfill this requirement because they lack the expertise. On the other hand, foreigners are ruled out based on their nationality, making it impossible for them incorporate companies in Singapore. Acrafile has stepped in to fill this gap by providing corporate secretarial services to both local and foreign enterprises.

The appointed Company Secretary is charged with several duties and responsibilities, one of them being annual return filing. Acrafile, through its one-stop corporate business solution, will provide qualified company secretaries with experience and expertise on annual returns filing, leaving the business managers to handle other aspects of the company.

Newly incorporated companies may not have the capacity nor the human resource to fill all of the essential departments. While most business owners can multi-task, performing the roles of different departments, they find it difficult to handle accounting. Acrafile is aware of this shortcoming and has included accounting services as part of the corporate solution. A business can outsource its accounting to Acrafile for as little as $100 per month and have a professional accountant work on the financials.

Payroll services are also part of the corporate business solution offered by Acrafile. This comes as a relief for business owners as most of them do not have the experience in payroll processing. Under the payroll services, Acrafile handles all the payroll processing including salary and wages calculation, tax deduction, salary and wage remittance among others. The company handles wage remittance to employees via cash, cheque or direct deposit. The pension contrivution are also remitted to the appropriate authorities.

Under the Singapore Companies Act, a business must fulfill a minimum of 14 conditions for it to be dissolved. Most company officials are not aware of these conditions and may not have the time to follow them up. Realizing this, Acrafile has included striking off and dissolution as part of its corporate business package. Any business owner who wishes to strike off or dissolute the company can engage Acrafile to handle the procedure in a professional and timely manner.

The Singapore Companies Act is very stringent in enforcement the rules to local and foreigners. Acrafile’s one stop corporate business solution has come at the right time. This solution assists business owners through legal challenges that may disqualify them from incorporating and running companies in Singapore.

About Acrafile Pte. Ltd.:
Acrafile is an established provider of corporate business solutions with 25 years of experience in the industry. The company prides itself in its ability to provide comprehensive services to small and medium enterprises, and its goal is to be a one-stop provider of affordable online corporate business solutions for companies operating in Singapore.

Acrafile values its client’s interests in their company’s objectives and is committed to providing every client with the highest standard of secretarial service. To get started with Acrafile or learn more the services they provide, please visit their website at

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