Knocking Out Misleading Statements In The Rare Earth Space

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Knocking Out Misleading Statements In The Rare Earth Space

Following up on our last article "The Knock-Out Criteria For Rare Earth Element Deposits: Cutting The Wheat From The Chaff", there were several comments that were noted from our readers, so I took the opportunity to discuss these with Darren L. Smith, M.Sc., P.Geol., of Dahrouge Geological Consulting Ltd.

In Germany, people were even discussing emails that they received from companies that were mentioned in the article. No matter whether these are legit, or legitimately published, they make a good case for discussion nonetheless.

Hence, consider the comments from investors and company representatives, as well as the responses below, as general statements of the rare earth element (REE) space. I present these in an effort to better place and compare these deposits in context for investors; and further, to understand why I am a supporter of Commerce Resources Corp. (TSX.V: CCE) and their Ashram Deposit as being a serious contender in the REE space...


To read the rest of the article, please visit:

The German version, titled "K.O.-Schlag gegen irreführende Aussagen in der Seltene Erden Branche", can be read on the following website:


Please read the disclaimer within the article and on as it is noted that the author holds shares of Commerce Resources Corp., and that neither the author nor Rockstone Research was remunerated by any of the companies mentioned in the article to produce or publish this content.